Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A stop in Toronto on the way to pick the rig

Our 4th Granddaughter Rony turned 12 (Batmizva)and following our tradition we took her Rving with us we did with our other grand-kids reaching that age, in my oppinion it is the right age to take them ,they are not small kids and still will appriciate very much the memories from this trip.


We took a “short” 12 hour direct flight from Tel-Av iv to Toronto to visit our youngest son and his great family,we usually visit them twice , once on the way to the trailer and second on the way back ,this way we see them twice a year spending quality time and watching then grow, and they grow fast...

This way it also “breaks” the long trip from home to the winter storage where we left the rig at the end of the trip last year.

It usually takes a few minutes for them to “warm” up to us after seeing us only on Skype for the whole winter especially when we give them the presents….


Stating with them in the same house ,being with them from the morning when they wake up till they go to bed is a lot of fun although at the end of the day we are worn out...

On the next day it was all one big party,food family and a lot of catching up.


I still have to “survive” to be able to take them all by the time they reach the age of 12-13 ,I promise to do my best….

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Two weeks jeep trip in Georgia Asia

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This year we are taking with us a granddaughter that reached 12 years  (Batmizva)  , she is already the forth grandchild that joins ou RV trips, and it became a tradition since our first Grandaughter turned 12 and asked to join us and till now all parties are happy.

The school year ends at the end of June so we decided to take a two week jeep trip to Georgia Asia and what a great trip it was.

Georgia is known for its great outdoors ,surrounded by high mountains and its luck of roads from one area to another, so our first task was to look for a way to get to the remote authentic places and enjoy incredible views, so did a throw check and found Alex Svanidze a well recommended official tour guide with the right jeep to explore the country on its very rough sometimes off-roads.


We started the trip in Tibilisi and ended after 2 weeks in Batumi that is located at the Black Sea.

There was never a dull moment, old 12 century villages ,markets, high peak mountains,hikes to waterfalls and glaciers, visits to shepherds that live on the mountains with no electricity but welcomed us with cheese home made and cream.


The guesthouses Alex chose for us were very comfortable and included a huge breakfast which of course we could not finish so we were offered bags to take the leftovers with us and eat it on the way which we happily did , it kept us going till the evening.... 

20180606_081348      20180604_074918

Alex was so nice that he invited us to have dinner with his family in Tibilisi, it was one of the most moving gestures , the table was covered with traditional food ,wine and Chacha (Georgian Vodka but better).

We meet with his wife daughter and his father that acted as the table manager,toasting and greeting us with each zip of ChaCha... we almost could not get up from the table, we will always remember Alex and his outstanding family.


It sure was one of the best trips we took recently, way above our expectations,we enjoyed everything :food,accommodations,the smooth ride,the nature,authentic and real kind welcoming people and even the weather...

We sure will come again to visit and area that we missed because the road was blocked by heavy snow.

Here are some more pictures , as it is said “One picture is more than a 1000 words”


We still have time to “digest “ this adventure before we fly on the 5 of July to pick the rig from Spokane WA and start our 17th RV trip to North America.

To travel is like a book if you do not travel you are still on the first page....

Wish you all happy travels.