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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purim-Israeli costume festival

What Is Purim?

Purim is a festive Jewish holiday recounting the deliverance of the Jewish people from extermination plot by Haman the Agagite. It is an annual celebration held every 14th of Adar, or Adar II in leap years, which is a month in the Hebrew calendar. In walled cities that existed during the time of Joshua, like Shushan and Jerusalem, it is celebrated on the 15th and is called Shushan Purim.

The Story Of Purim

The story behind Purim can be found in the Biblical Book Of Esther. Esther is a Jewish orphan girl who was raised by her cousin Mordecai. She grows into a beautiful woman that is crowned queen by the King Ahasuerus.

          The king loved Esther most among all of his wives, but was unaware that she was Jewish.    Esther and Mordecai further gained favour under the king's eyes when Mordecai successfully revealed a plot to assassinate the king. Because of this, Haman, the king's advisor, harboured a great hate for Mordecai, which finally came to a head when Mordecai, on one occasion, refused to bow down to Haman. Haman later on learned that Mordecai was a Jew, which is why he resolved to kill not only Mordecai, but also Esther and all of the Jewish people under the Persian rule.

          Being the king's advisor, Haman gets the king to approve of his plan. Esther learns of this, so she fasts for three days with all of the Jews in the land in her preparation to approach the king to ask him to spare her and her people. In a spectacular turn of events, Ahasuerus recalls the time Mordecai saved him from death through the court records and instead, welcomes Esther, honors Mordecai and saves the Jews. Haman and his ten sons are then hanged on the gallows that  were intended for Mordecai.

How Purim Is Celebrated

          Purim is treated more as a national holiday, like Hannukkah. Work is even allowed in most places but it is encouraged that the occasion be prioritized and celebrated in a joyous manner. Jewish mitzvot dictate that Jews observe these four activities during Purim:

  • K'riat megillah - listening to the readings of the Book Of Esther in the evening and again in the following morning
  • Mishloach manot- giving food gifts to friends
  • Matanot la'evyonim - giving charity to the poor
  • Se`udah – partaking in a festive meal
  • The mouse and the cowboy


Yuval the Butterfly


The Sun & The Moon Purim 2011

SUN & MOON,we got the third price in our friends party.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day trip around South Jerusalem

Jerusalem is surrounded by seven mountain chains that creates many beautiful hiking opportunities.
Spring is the best time to hike in this area,flowers and trees are blooming,the weather is just right for hiking and the smell is incredible.
Ancient ruins,glimpse on the Holy City,beautiful nature is just apart of these trails.
One of the most incredible sights was when we passed through a burned area and saw how "new life" is created by nature.
Here are some pictures.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Burma Road

Our daughter and her husband took off for a ski week in Italy and we became a full time baby sitters for a week to our 3 grand kids.
From time to time it is a great pleasure to see them 24/7 and learn many things about them that usually can not be seen when we meet them periodically
I am sure that part of you can understand and relate to this connection between us the grand parents and the grand kids especially when they are not infants and can teach us a thing or two.
Our eldest Grand Daughter Yuval is 12 years old and has to present a project on the Jerusalem Siege during the independence war in 1948.

On top of telling her the story and the involvement of our parents in this battle we decided to take a day trip to the area including the Burma Road that was built and used to break the siege on Jerusalem.

Building Burma Road

During the early phase of the Israeli war of independence (from November 29, 1947 to May 15, 1948), local Arab forces took control of the hills overlooking the road to Jerusalem (today Highway 1), between Sha'ar HaGai (Bab el-Wad) and Al Qastal. Vehicles attempting to use the road, Jerusalem's only link to the coast, took heavy fire, in effect besieging the city's Jewish population. Convoys carrying food, weapons, and medical supplies sent by the Yishuv sustained heavy losses, and often didn't get through to the city.

On May 15, 1948, British forces withdrew from the Latrun monastery and police fort that dominated the road and prevented supplies from reaching Jerusalem. Latrun was immediately occupied by the Palmach's Harel Brigade. However, on the night of May 18, British officered Arab Legion forces from Transjordan seized Latrun, and subsequent Jewish attempts to gain a foothold in the region failed.

The growing need for supplies amongst Jerusalem's Jewish population weakened the Jewish foothold within the city considerably. A small amount of supplies, mostly munitions, were ferried by air, but the shortage of food, water, fuel and medicines was acute. The Jewish leadership, under David Ben Gurion feared that the city would surrender to the Arab Legion, and a search for a way to bypass the Arab blockade commenced.

It was a great and beautiful day,we are blessed to have such a family, here are some picture that can show what we went through much better than I can put in words.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hiking around Jerusalem

We took the advantage of a great Spring weather day to hike part of so called "THE TRAIL OF JERUSALEM"
The whole trail is 42KM and can be done in two days but we decided to do part of it and hike the rest in another opportunity.
Spring was in the air , a symphony of Colors,Smells,History was all over us, add to it great weather , good company and you have a WIN WIN situation.
We have hiked all over the country but hiking in Jerusalem or around this Historical city always brings an extra thrill to us.

Here is a sideshow of our daily trip, we hope you enjoy it:

Thank you for visiting our site, till we meet again.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring in our garden

In the last few days I was reading some of the blogs I follow and found myself envying the ones that are currently traveling ,especially the ones that are in the warm "weather zones".
So instead of feeling miserable I took my camera to the garden and invited one of our sons family for a Spring BBQ.
Unfortunately I can not add the effect of smell to some pictures so till this technic will be available you will have to use you imagination,it worked on the bees that are all over the flowers...
We still have 2 months to wait till we start our 2011 summer RV trip and I know it is not a substitute to a day on the road but it was pretty good Saturday... take a look.

Thank you for visiting.