Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rving a month with Zohar

As we had Zohar only for a month we tried to show her a variety of things along our trailer trip, it started in LA where we spent 5 days visiting Universal Studios ,Disneyland, and some beaches around L.A.

Now it was time to pull the 5W and the truck from the winter storage in Palmdale.


The rig was parked at Fred's property and he kindly took care of it during the winter, the batteries were charged, the truck was started and all worked just fines as though we just left it.

We went shopping ,eating and after 2 days were ready to move.

20160709_185331_resized 20160710_064550_resized

Our next destination was to visit Steve and Deb in Spring Valley ,people we meet at the end of our 2015 trip , they live in a beautiful cabin close to the sky....and it was a tough climb.

P1000206 P1000207P1000208 P1000215

The next stop was in Bakersfield from there we did some side trips with the tow , to beautiful Kern Valley and to Codfish Ghost town,

For Zohar it is the first visit to the US, so everything is new and very very big...

20160716_122050 20160716_123626

Lake Isabele CAKernville CA  Kern Canyon

Last year we hooked up with Sam & Chris , a great couple from Oregon, during the winter we stayed in touch and arranged a meeting in Visalia CA with our grandchildren, their Luke 12 years old and our Zohar the same age.

It was great to see these two getting along while none of them speaks the others language, Zohar did improve her English as time went by.

Zohar & Luck

Visalia was a home base for a week from where we took off to hike in Sequoia and Kings Canyon N.P, taking time to hike,swim,picnic in all the fantastic places in the parks.

20160719_14474920160719_160415With Sam,Chris and Luck


We also took the time to see 2 movies and visit an amusement park in downtown Visalia.


At the end of the week Sam,Chris and Luke had to go home and we continued to Pinnacle N.P to give Zohar another experience of camping, the park is isolated and gave her the feeling of camping in the nature, we had deer coming close to us, lots of birds,chipmonks and squirrels.

There are few beautiful hike we took to great vistas and caves.

P1000374P1000378 P1000392P1000402P1000410 P1000417P1000418 P1000432P1000425

Zohar also made her Young Ranger Badge …..


We also managed to visit the County Fair in Paso Robles ,another fist time experience for Zohar.

P1000368 P1000369 P1000370P1000371

Zohar is our 3rd granddaughter joining us for a month in the summer, she is a fun girl, always in a good mood and helped grandma in the kitchen and was a part of the team, we are sure that this month enriched her in ways and leave good memories for a long time.

A month flew fast and tomorrow we will visit Carol in Palmdale on her birthday and then head to LA where Zohar will catch a direct flight back home.

She enjoyed the trip and we certainly enjoyed her.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Palmdale CA

Map picture

We ended our 2015 trip in Palmdale and stored the rig for the winter.

Our dear friends Fred and Carol took good care of the truck and trailer and we were happy to find everything as we left it 7 months ago.

The truck started as it never was on hold and everything worked fine in the trailer, the slides opened normally, the fridge kicked off immediately and the most important -NO MICE or any other insects....so we are back to normal.

After saying hellos I placed the battery in the trailer ,hooked the truck and pulled the trailer to the yard with water and electric connection.

Loaded the luggage and the let the ladies get it in place.



in the evening we invited our hosts for dinner to S&B for dinner, it is a very popular place with good food,good service and reseonable prices.

20160709_185331 20160709_192740


After a long day that started in L.A we all needed a good night sleep in our home.


Now we have to get and load the grosseries,service the truck and on the road we go….

Friday, July 8, 2016

Disneyland with Zohar

After universal studious the other day we took Zohar to Disneyland.

It is NOT recommended from certain age....from 9AM till 10PM on your feet most of the time walking from one attraction to another or standing in line sometimes with no shade.

We had a map of the park but getting from one attraction to another we had to ask for directions because the signs are not helping at all, I compare the Universal Studios visit to Disneyland and see the big difference, Disney really has to do some improvements regarding directions and staff on ground to help the visitors.

All in all it is a real family entertainment place and if you are familiar with the park and the express lines you are in good shape, otherwise a good portion of the time goes on waiting in line to rides,food,toilet,security checks,purchasing tickets and so on, some cannot be avoided.

=P1000180P1000181 P1000184P1000186 P1000187P1000188 P1000189 P1000190P1000191 P1000193 P1000194P1000195P1000196 P1000197P1000198

And I was there too……while Shula stayed at home taking care of her arm.

P1000199 P1000200 P1000201P1000203P1000204

We managed to do all the major rides, have lunch, enjoy the parade and the fireworks all in one day but at 9PM we almost fell from our feet.

The most important fact was that Zohar enjoyed it very much and I enjoyed that she enjoyed- so it was all together a great fun day.