Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, July 31, 2009

Great North Woods

Today we have explored the area North of the White Mountains , starting from our C.G located just between the 2 area's.

We packed a lunch box and took off early (0930…) for this side trip.

Scenic Hwy 16 going North along Androscoggin River is a real beauty,many small islands were formed in the river that made the waters running around them.

Errol is a nice stop before heading North,one store has it all ,like in the good old days,fishing,hunting,camping together with T shirts and ATV…all in one place,so we browsed around, used the restrooms and continued to Dixville Notch S.P.

After putting some anti bug repellent we hiked to a beautiful waterfall surrounded by woods that are covered with moss ,like in the fairy tails.

Going down the road we meet a local guy that suggested us to take a small road up the mountain to a golf course from witch the whole valley can be seen-and so we did.

At the bottom of this road is a huge hotel Balsam Resort,with a swimming pool facing a lake and the mountains,the decorations,rooms,pictures all in very good taste-take a look people are “suffering” here.

After visiting the place we got hungry and set our chairs and table in a good spot to enjoy taste and view at the same time.

Our next surprise was a fantastic waterfall that can be seen from the road,the surprise came after we visited the information office and the guy there just said “yeh there is a waterfall on the way..”…and what a seen that was.

This part of the state is more remote ,more agriculture ,easy going and beautiful…

To complete this gorgeous day we had some “Black Russian” (Vodka&Kahlua) on the rocks at sunset….

Thursday, July 30, 2009

White Mountains NH

The White Mountains cover 1/3 of this beautiful state,they are very impressive and are the main destination for nature lovers.

Map picture

If you are looking for exceptional nature you came to the right place:imagine waterfalls,High mountains ,hiking trails,ponds,cascades and small colourful towns all this in lashing green vegetation and forest trees.

Kancamangus NH Kancamangus NHSabbaday Falls NH IMG_0867

MT Washington the highest mountain is in the middle of the area ,you have to pick the right day with good visibility to climb or drive to the top , the view from there is breathtaking.

The area is so big that even during the weekend it is not crowded.

The small towns surrounding the White Mountains are colourful full of restaurants, shops and ready for all season truism including ski shops and motels,some rent houses fully furnished with great views to the Mountains.

IMG_0887 IMG_0866

We started by using the Camping in Conway as a base from witch we made many side trips with the truck visiting Crawford Notch,part of Pinkham Notch ,HWY 112 the famous all America Byway Kancamagus and now after a week we are moving to the North boarder of the range to explore ,hike and enjoy that part of the Mountains.

Woodstock NH

28 July our second day in Shelburne just North East of the White Mountains,I am sitting under the awning (Plastic extension of the trailer to protect from sun and rain) it is raining and almost dark,I am facing the North rim of the mountains with a glass of Margarita the Wi-Fi connection is bad it comes and goes,the whole thing looks like taken from a movie..

But we had a great day hiked 2 waterfalls in Pinkham Notch ,toured the small village and did some food shopping and hoping for another good day to come.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Story Land NH

Our son and his family that are stationed in Boston came to visit us for a few days.

Yariv,Ayelet and Roni (2 and half years old) made the 3 hour trip to join us in Albany C.G ,the excitement was huge as last time we saw them was in April.

The first day was dedicated to Roni and the perfect place was Story Land,Roni experienced in one day so many new adventures that left her speechless.

I will let the pictures “TALK” as just one is compared to 1000 words.

IMG_0807 IMG_0809

IMG_0823 IMG_0826

IMG_0833 IMG_0856

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Map picture

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Castle in the Clouds-NH

Map picture

The Castle was built in the early 1914 by Thomas Plant that started at age 16 working in a shoe factory,he made his way up and soon opened his own Shoe Factory employing hundreds of employees.

He became a rich man have married twice with no children but made some bad financial decisions that left him penniless.

Castle in the Clouds

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The Castel is located on a mountain next to Moultonborough NH with a great view from every window to Lake Winnipesaukee .

   Castle in the Clouds Castle in the Clouds Castle in the Clouds Castle in the Clouds Castle in the Clouds

One would wonder how such a clever man makes so many financial mistakes leaving him with no money even for his burial .

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lake Winnipesaukee NH area

We crossed to NH from Maine after spending a month plus in this beautiful state (see previous blogs) and settled in a C.G in Ashland NH located in a central location for exploring Lake Winnipesaukee.

The evening before we had Bob & Anita for dinner in our RV, they tried and liked Falafel,Humus,Thini and Sachlab for desert.

IMG_0730 IMG_0731

Before getting to the C.G we stopped in a Wal-Mart along the way to get some new supplies.


We took advantage of the good weather and decided to hike Mt. Major to see the Lake from the view points,and what a view it was…the large lake has Islands in it with boat houses and small harbours all around,the lake is surrounded with mountains and vegetation that gives it all a special place.


The other day we took a cruise around the lake and saw houses or should I say Mansions on the water front,with private small marines ,water games,private beaches,yachts and all this only for the use during the summer…..hard to believe but here it is.

Lake Winnipesaukee Cruise Lake Winnipesaukee Cruise

Hope the weather holds…..so we can do more of this..

Map picture

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

South West Maine Coast

Map picture
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The West Coast of Maine is totally different from the the rest of the coast,it is more a Touristic area and as some people here call it “a tourist trap”, but I must say it is beautiful in its own way,full of beautiful large houses built on a cliff facing the ocean ,many large beaches and very few parking places (as apposed to the rest of the coast).

IMG_0710 IMG_0709

But before I take you down the road I just wanted to show you where we camped for few days using the truck for the side trips, this place has a in and out swimming pool,WiFi (very important at lest to me) and very few campers-can’t ask for more.

We started our West Coast trip from S.Lebanon (our Campground location) to beautiful York Village through Ogunquit,Wells,Kennebunkport and Old Orchard Beach.

We also had a luck seeing Mr.Bush Senior riding his boat to his house located on cliff, the greatest spot in the area, he even waved to us-this is called TIMMING…

Bush House Wells Maine

All this Coast stretch has a HOLIDAY atmosphere,its like no one works there,people just strolling the streets towards the beach or from the beach and this is very catchy, I must say.

Small shops are full with tourist and all this in a beautiful surroundings.

This actually ends our trip along the Maine Coast and our next stop will be in the White Mountain area NH.