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Our Rig

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

South West Maine Coast

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The West Coast of Maine is totally different from the the rest of the coast,it is more a Touristic area and as some people here call it “a tourist trap”, but I must say it is beautiful in its own way,full of beautiful large houses built on a cliff facing the ocean ,many large beaches and very few parking places (as apposed to the rest of the coast).

IMG_0710 IMG_0709

But before I take you down the road I just wanted to show you where we camped for few days using the truck for the side trips, this place has a in and out swimming pool,WiFi (very important at lest to me) and very few campers-can’t ask for more.

We started our West Coast trip from S.Lebanon (our Campground location) to beautiful York Village through Ogunquit,Wells,Kennebunkport and Old Orchard Beach.

We also had a luck seeing Mr.Bush Senior riding his boat to his house located on cliff, the greatest spot in the area, he even waved to us-this is called TIMMING…

Bush House Wells Maine

All this Coast stretch has a HOLIDAY atmosphere,its like no one works there,people just strolling the streets towards the beach or from the beach and this is very catchy, I must say.

Small shops are full with tourist and all this in a beautiful surroundings.

This actually ends our trip along the Maine Coast and our next stop will be in the White Mountain area NH.

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