Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spring Iris flower Bloom

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The great weather invited us to explore The Iris Nature Reserve close to Natanya and  Mediterranean Sea .

The Iris reserve is south of the city, close to the beach and is one of only two places in Israel, where you can still see the colorful bloom of rare and impressive flowers that grow in Israel. The Irises bloom in February – March and attract thousands of visitors from around the country who come to watch them bloom. Netanya Municipality works hard to preserve and enhance this reserve to ensure the survival of one of the rare flowers that grow in Israel.

The best time to hike the 2 Mile hike in the park is ofcourse to avoid the weekends, it was a perfect day to explore the place ,see the bloom and enjoy the quite atmoshphere.


Many of the flowers were still “Closed” and it sure looks promising in the few days to come to experience even better and stronger bloom.

At the West end of the park lies this beautiful yellow colored field and the blue sparkling color of the sea.


Clean,warm,sunny,beautiful,colorful, not crowded these are the words that came to my mind while walking the park.

There are many more places to visit  http://www.flowersinisrael.com/photo-Iris-Nature-Reserve2008.htm but we are taking off to Lapland (North Finland) for a week where the we will experience very cold weather and do things we have not done till now….all about it will be on my next post, till then Chiao and stay warm.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Shula’s Birthday

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To all husbands- do not forget your spouse's birthdays .....period ,it is worst than coming late at night and saying I forgot how time flies and worse than saying " honey today the dress looks great on you" ....

So I had a reminder on my Calendar but  I did not forget it anyhow.

It was supposed to be a windy cold day and I worked all around it, we started the morning having breakfast in a coffee shop we use to go and got pampered by the manager with extras here and there ( Not on the diet side but tasty)


As Shula was about to give me the “this is it?” look , I turned the car to an unknown to her road heading South rather than North the way home, “where are we going now in this crazy weather?” she asked , and I just smiled my best mysterious smile. and drove to the Old Tel-Aviv Port, once a regular small boat port and today an entertainment place with restaurants, market and bars.

Befor entering the Port Maket I let her feel the the wind and the rough sea as we like to do from time to time.


The Port Market is usually an indoor and outdoor thing , where you can sit in a restaurant , buy groceries, or get a good fish sandwich and sit outside with a bottle of wine or beer.

But today the dictated the rules and everyone was inside (did I already mention that our lives are dictated by the weather??)

So we got a bottle of wine, 2 glasses ,smoked fish and had a great time.


Mean time WE , I mean Shula did some shoping, dry mushrooms,organic vegies, olives and olive oil.


Although it was already around 2 PM we had no desire to have lunch due to our late breakfast ,the wine and the fish sandwich and I still had some plans for late afternoon which I was not ready to revile yet, so mean time we took a drive along the beautiful beach .


As Shula started to get comfortable with the way things are going till now and was ready to hit home I pulled the tickets for a Jazz in one of the small places in the Port.

One and a half hour of good music,dancing and zipping some more red wine was the great finale of this great day.


So do not forget the Birthdays ….even after celebrating them withe same women for many years.

Now I have to check my calendar to make sure it is marked for  2018…