Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pedestal Rocks AR

Map picture

50 miles South of Jasper AR between Pelsor and Ben Hur the amazing site of Pedestal Rocks is located.

There are two hikes from the same TH ,one to Pedestal Rocks 2.2 Miles RT and the second King’s Bluff 1.9 RT.


We started hiking the Pedestal Rocks taking only water with us leaving the picnic box in the truck to eat between the hikes.

The trail description suggested hiking the trail on top of the bluff , but if we would follow the written instructions we would be walking on the bluff and have limited vision of the Pedestal,caves and arches.

These are the sights from the top trail.

Pedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks ARPedestral Rocks AR

We found few trails leading from the top main one to the bottom of the rocks and found a whole bunch of caves ,arches connected by trails created by earlier curios visitors as  ourselves.

Pedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks AR

Pedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks ARPedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks ARPedestral Rocks AR

Walking the lower trail gave us the real prospective of these amazing high Rocks,at the whole time we did not meet a single soul,it was like entering and imaginative outside world.

By now we understood that Waterfalls is not going to be the “thing” in Arkansas only because the falls are feed by rain and not running rivers…but these Rocks were a very good substitute.

We enjoyed the two hikes so much  that we forgot all about the time and as it started to get late we stopped in a local restaurant in Jasper on the way home to have a great home made dinner,it was a great meal after a great day.

Jasper AR

Monday, July 28, 2014

Glory Hole & Whitaker Point

Map picture

Arkansas is keeping its jewels a “secret” , most of the locals can not point you to the right way ,even Arkansas tourist information could not give me directions….

Glory Hole

Finally the directions we got from a ranger were “From Edwards Junction drive 2.3 M and turn left.The parking area is down the hill and can’t be seen from the road.You may see a gate and an old yellow shingled house on the right”

With this information we started this morning with a wish in our hearts that we find the place and see water running in the falls.

Glory Hole ARThe gate and an old yellow shingled house???

Glory Hole AR-Entry PointParking Lot???

It looked like the right place and as there was no one around to ask and no sign suggesting that we are at the TH ,we just took our chances and started a 2 mile hike towards Glory Hole, it was all down hill and we knew what it meant….

We did not meet anyone on the trail and were not sure at the beginning that we are in the right place till we saw a plywood board with a hand writing “Glory Hole”-now we were sure that “maybe” we are on the right trail.

At the beginning we saw the upper part of the fall,water falling into a round hole in the rock.

Glory Hole AR

We walked around and down and saw this unbelievable sight , we had visited many waterfalls,some were high,some were wide ,some were in a cave but never saw one coming out of a hole in the rock.

Glory Hole ARGlory Hole AR  Glory Hole AR

It was not in full swing but there is a positive side to that too,we could walk on the rocks and see all the formations only because the water was low.

The one mile up and back to the TH was exactly as Newton predicted “Gravity is a strong power” and it is better to be in shape.

Whitaker Point

Here the directions were again vague ,but as we got closer to the target we asked people that were fixing the asphalt on the HWY and one of them told us that we just missed it “do an U turn and go right just before the Buffalo River Bridge “ .

No hint what so ever that could give a visitor a clue if he is in the right direction, but we took the word of the worker and turned right on a gravel road, but when we saw the conditions of the road we stopped and decided to eat our picnic and wait till some one will come  from the trail or head to the TH.

After half an hour we stopped a car heading to the TH and the girls in it confirmed the worker’s information.

After 6 long up hill miles on a bad gravel road we reached a small parking area and even then there was no sign confirming that it is actually the right TH to Whitaker Point,mind you this point is one of the most photographed in Arkansas-and so it should be….

A hike of 1.5 mile along a great gorge with spectacular views was our reward after we went through to get to the right place.

Whitaker Point AR  Whitaker Point AR  Whitaker Point AR

Whitaker Point AR

Whitaker Point AR   Whitaker Point AR

It is not a water fall but the excitement and feelings were as if we were standing in front of a giant one,nature at its best.

The beautiful roads and vistas  back to our C.G at 6PM when the sun is low and the shadows are long was just relaxing and perfect especially after the 6 miles total hikes of the day,on the way we saw a herd of elks from a distance.

Jasper AR area

What a great day…now shower,dinner ,blogging and getting ready for tomorrows adventure.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jasper AR area

Map picture

Jasper is a tiny beautiful town next to Ozark National Forest, it is surrounded by rare natural beauty such as rivers,mountains,caves and waterfalls.

Jasper AR

We chose to camp in a C.G on scenic HWY 7 between Harrison & Jasper,it is a simple C.G with shady sites,full hook ups,WiFi,CTV and friendly owners.

We found out that Arkansas waterfalls are some times dry during the summer months and we preferred to hike those with water but could not find this information on the net or from the locals,so our guess was to drive to the Buffalo River Ranger’s office and we hit the jack pot.

The young lady was very knowable and gave us all the information we need-What and Where.

Our first target was Twin/Triple Falls

Twin Falls AR  Twin Falls ARTwin Falls AR 

As you can see it was far away from full swing,but never the less a beautiful refreshing spot.

It is only .25 M hike from the TH,but getting to the TH driving the truck I almost lost all my screws and bolts….the gravel 5M road is very steep and bumpy the fact that the kind young ranger failed to mention.

After this stressful drive and visit to the falls we relaxed in the shade for a short picnic.

Twin Falls AR  Twin Falls AR

Now that our belly was satisfied we drove another half an hour to Lost Valley ,here we hiked 2.5M R/T to see Eldin Falls,Eldin Cave  and a natural bridge.

 Lost Valley AR    Lost Valley ARLost Valley AR

But to see all this we had to hike 1M on a pretty good gravel trail that later changed to rough trail with steep steps,then enter a wet cave with flashlights and crawl on 4 till we got out from the other side  ,but who said that we went for a “picnic”…..it was a lot of fun but not for everyone.


Lost Valley AR    Lost Valley ARLost Valley AR    Lost Valley AR

Here too the waterfall was “dripping” and we we wrote down to come again immediately after the rainy season.

As if this outstanding beautiful nature was not enough for today ,we saw this panorama on the way back to our C.G

Ozarks Mountains AR

Ozark at its best.

Mind you this is only our first day in the area there is more to come and discover.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blue Spring AR

Map picture

On our last day on Beaver Lake we took a short scenic drive to Blue Spring the one we planned to see yesterday but because of the storm missed it.

I already mentioned the beauty of the Ozark Mountains but driving the scenic routes makes it difficult for the driver to really see the whole scope of this magnificent panorama,so on the way we did some stops and that is that we saw.

White River near Beaver Lake AR

The Beaver lake , the dam and the C.G we stayed seen on the left side of the right picture.

Beaver Lake AR  Beaver Lake AR 

The Blue Spring is currently privately own and charges 9.75$ entry fee,it is the largest spring in North West Arkansas pumping 38 Million gallons of pure water daily into the White River.

Blue Springs AR

Blue Springs AR Blue Springs ARBlue Springs AR Blue Springs AR

In March 1839 Blue Spring was a stop over on the Trail of Tears for the Cherokee people on their march from Echoto , Georgia and some of the the shelters can still be seen.

                    Blue Springs AR

In mid 1840’s Blue Spring mill was built 300 feet downstream and was powered by the water,but in was burned during the civil war and replaced in 1903 by a new mill which was a combination of a saw,grist flour mill.

Blue Springs AR Blue Springs AR

We will be leaving Beaver Lake C.O.E C.G tomorrow to Jasper area which is “loaded” accordingly to the internet with waterfalls,I do hope we will see WATER running in them and not hear again “there was a poor rainy season ,so…”

All the best.