Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bennett Springs S.P MO

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The night before leaving towards Bennett Springs S.P we reserved a seats to see Oprey show  in Main Street Music Hall in Osage Beach.

The lady that took the reservations was very kind and gave us good seats with a reduced price …..as she said “ it is a C.G day today..” ,any how it was mostly country music with some humoristic short episodes-we enjoyed it very much.

Osage Beach MO  Osage Beach MO 

Osage Beach MO

As you all know getting a good spot on the 4th of July is not and easy task,people book sites sometimes a year in advance and so it is done in this popular park ,as we do not have a tough schedule we DID not reserve a site , so calling 4 days in advance to get one I could hear the operator laughing ,but said politely that if I get there early enough I could catch a “first come first served site”.

So here we are getting to the park early as 9AM on the 2nd of July and with a miserable expression on our face asking for a site with hook ups for the next 3 nights,,,,,he looks at his bookings with a pessimistic expression and says “ This park is booked a year in advance for the 4th of July but you are lucky we have some one that cancelled a site with full hook ups ,WiFi ,Pull through , do you want it?” “Well “ I said “ OK ,we will take it…” –That is called winning the lottery.

Bennett Springs S.P MO

The sites as you can see just perfect,concrete,levelled,spacious and with full hook ups.

Bennett Springs S.P MO Bennett Springs S.P MO

The river running in the park is used for fishing,canoeing and tubing.

That’s it for now –just wanted to tell you about the “miracle”, think positive it always helps, when you see an ambulance –do not say “some one is hurt”   say “some one gave birth”…….


Donna W. said...

wow that was good luck, c.g. looks great. my dad was an avid fisherman and bennett springs was one of his favorite.

John and Carol said...

That really is a miracle. Glad you found a good spot for the weekend of the 4th.