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Our Rig

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Branson MO

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From the peace and quite on Forklake AR to the busy tourist trap in Branson,but sometimes you want to dive into a tourist trap it is like getting lost in the right direction…

We settled down for 3 nights in a  very nice P.A C.G just 10 Miles from downtown,it has a pool,clean bathrooms,full hook ups and the last but not the least WIFI.

In the next morning we took a short drive to the tourist information located next to the dam on Table Rock Lake,collected information and saw an impressive video how the dam was built.

Branson MO  Branson MO

The C.G help us pick Rankin Brothers  show out of a long list of shows that are showing now in the town.

As we had time on our hands till the show starts we decided to visit the Historic Down Town and Branding Landing on  Lake Taneycomo,great place to walk just keep the C.C deep in the pocket…

Branson MO  Branson MO

American Idol had their contest in town but we could see only the bus

Branson MO

On the way to the theater we saw a place that sells reduced show tickets,the guy explained that he will give us tickets to another 2 shows if we attend a 90 minutes sales presentation for a time share,the calculation said :“148 US$(4 tickets) for 90 minutes” –we are on…

So on the next morning a very nice sales agent made an effort to sell us a time share with no success and we left with tickets to 2 shows and a voucher for 3 days in one of their resorts-not bad.

3 Red Neck Tenors was our first  2 PM  show, the gentleman had a great voice and we had fun.

Branson MO

Till 7:30PM we did some shopping and went to our 3RD show in 2 days…this time it was Billy Dean and the Horses that gave us 2 full great hours of old country with some funny entertaining parts in between.

Branson MO Branson MO        Branson MO

Now that we got our laundry done and got our share of “culture” while playing tourists we are ready again to go back to “real” camping…and that also means we might not have internet in the next 3-4 days and the posts will be posted later when we hit “civilization” again.


Jim and Sandie said...

There are times when I love playing tourist. In fact, quite often when we're traveling. As long as there aren't too many people around. Been to Branson a couple of times and had lots of fun there.

Peter + Beatrix said...

I've never been in that part of the country, but I've seen Las Vegas numerous times. Talk about a touristy place!

Donna W. said...

Branson is a fun place, but you can only stay so long. and the traffic can drive you nuts. glad you saw some shows, there are so many to choose from.