Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, July 14, 2014

Clear Water C.O.E C.G MO

Today we took a day off….did some reading ,writing,cleaning ,making new friends and take it easy.

Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO

The river runs just few feet away from our site ,so afternoon we took  chairs and joined the people on the waters, it was good timing as most already headed back to the trailers, the water was cool –not cold and it was real peaceful and relaxing.

Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO

Later  we went to see a race car or the “WHEELS” as he calls it that belongs one of the guys had in the C.G ready to go to Farmington MO for the race, it looks like the cockpit is to small to even sit in it.

Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO  Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO


In the evening Chuck came over to hear about our country and see some pictures, he has it in his future plans to come to visit the Holy Land with his family,I hope one day he will .

                               Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO

After the morning coffee we said good bye to Chuck and his family hoping one day our paths will cross again.

Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO   Cleart Water Lake C.O.E MO

Traveling like we do ,sometimes we  make “friends “ even thou we only meet for a short time and it happened not once that we keep in touch and meet again, this is one of the treasures we collect on our journey.

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Chuck Thompson said...

Danny and Shula , thank you for the time you shared with me , you guys were like a breath of fresh air to me . I hope that we may cross paths again be safe in your travels and enjoy.
Your New Friend ,
ps i'm having trouble with your email so please email me thanks