Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ozark National Scenic Riverways Missouri

After we said good byes to Chuck and his family we did a day trip in the beautiful Ozark Riverways area.

At first we visited Big Spring that is the largest in Missouri and one of the largest Spring in the world with a daily average flow of 286 million gallons.The water boils from the base of a dolomite bluff and travels nearly 1000 feet before feeding into the Current River.

Big Spring MO

Big Spring MO Big Spring MOBig Spring MO Big Spring MO

Big Springs National Park also offers 123 family sites ,some with electrical hook ups,Historic Cabins and a lodge.

                           Big Spring MO

This also was a great place for our midday picnic,it was very  quite with almost no people around although it was a Sunday, we loved it.

Our next stop was promising…at least the name was-Rocky Falls, finally I thought a real Waterfall in Missouri with water..but as we got the the place we found it crowded and it fit a description of Cascade more than Falls, but is was very nice to swim in it and cool off.

Rocky Falls MO

Our last stop was at the Blue Spring , and I did not “play “ with the picture –it is BLUE and very deep,if the Statue of Liberty would be standing here the torch would be under the water….

Blue Spring MO

From the TH it is only 1/2 mile to this jewel, and here again we were almost alone ,maybe every one was in the Cascades????

Any how we wondered around for a while taking it all in ,the colors,the peaceful atmosphere and the cool waters in great pleasure.

Blue Spring MO   Blue Spring MOBlue Spring MO

The waters were so still it made it possible  to create a fantastic reflection

Blue Spring MO Blue Spring MO

Another great day….


Jim and Sandie said...

That blue water is amazing. And I don't really think they should be calling that a waterfall. It's pretty but not what I think of when you say waterfall. Nice to be able to visit some places where there aren't a lot of folks around.

R&R Chapter III said...

i was checking on you the last few days. Nada! But as they say, "no news is good news". This morning still nothing. So i got a bit worried. Gave you another chance, few hours. It was worth it. Got updated. "Wow" again. Pagaz. Just beautiful. Happy for you and many thanks for sharing it so gracefully. Be good & keep up the Good life. I trust all is OK with the family in IL. May the force be with them.
Ciao until next time.

Donna W. said...

Missouri tourism needs to put you on the payroll...great pics. so glad you are enjoying our beautiful state.