Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, July 14, 2014

Floating in the Meramac River MO

Steelville MO is known as the FLOATING capitol of Missouri and has many outfitters that offer campgrounds for 10$ and a variety of different floats ,from canoeing,kayaking and rubber tires , they would drop you at the entry  spot and bring you back from the finish spot.

We phoned a few outfitters and chose the one that was flexible more than the others , owns the place and was most friendly on the phone, our gut feelings proved us right and Claude was very accommodating and suggested us to use 2 personal canoes and so we did.

The whole trip was around 5 miles long and as the river was in most places “slow” it took us 4 hours including a short break we took on a sandy bank to grab a sandwich.

Close to the end to the float there was suddenly a fast current that we took well but missed a huge tree that fell (long time ago)from the bank and was under water  and this two things together made us flip over, that it self was not a problem but my cellphone got wet and so are the pictures I took during this day (I was more concerned  bring my camera and that was a good decision) .

I am still working on the cell phone,it is not completed died and it makes some survival sounds, but till then –no pictures.

All in all we had a wonderful day and will sure be doing it again shortly.

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