Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hanuka 2011

Hanuka is a holiday that symbols LIGHT , you can read all about it here http://danyshula.blogspot.com/search/label/HANUKA

Time passes the kids and the grand kids get older and we get wiser  ….it is always overwhelming to have this traditional Holidays together,singing the songs , praying and  having the tradition pass from one generation to another.

Family and Hanuka tradition.

There is Happiness and a sense of achievement together with a regular concern of the unknown .

Hanuka present-our travel book 2010. The Hanuka lamp. The 5 Angels...


We want to wish you and you families Happy Holidays where ever you are combined with Health,Happiness and a lot of laughter.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our small garden in December

There is no balance in the world ,some places are flooded and some are dry as a bone,some have to much snow and some never experienced the magic of the white flake,some places are over crowded and in some you can walk days with out seeing another person.

We would like very much to have snow now as the Holidays are approaching but instead  we took advantage of a sunny warm weather  in our region to do some work in the garden – You can’t have it all…..

Our dear friends the Padgett’s  were kind enough to send us Flower Bulbs all the way from Indiana and today they found their way to the “Holy soil in our garden”.

Flower bulbs from the Padgett's IndianaFlower bulbs from the Padgett'sPlanting the flower bulbsGeneral view of the gardenPlanted bulbOur gardenFountain cornerThe Cactus corner

Happy Holidays to you all.

I once asked a person from the 10000 lakes State (Minnesota)to give us one lake,it will double the number of lakes we have and they will not feel a thing...somehow it did not work..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter on the beach

This Saturday we joined our middle son and his family to enjoy the warm weather on the beach just 15 minutes from our house in Israel.

I know that some of you are on the way or already in the South and some are already in Mexico with their rigs to take advantage of a warm sunny winter,we unfortunately have to leave our rig in the US for the winter but can compensate ourselves being with family and a very mild winter.

I love the beach in the winter especially when it is not windy,it is not crowded,lots of parking ,it is clean and relaxing,the sunsets are beautiful but the minute the sun goes down it becomes chilly and cold.

We send you all a warm breeze from our small beautiful country,may you and your families have a great Holiday.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rig stored ,we are at home for the winter

As non residents are given “only” 6 months to stay in the US,so since 2002 we are RVing in the summers ,at the end of each trip we store the rig and fly home for the winter,just to come in the following spring to pick up from the place we stored the rig and discover new States/Provinces.

As we like nature,hiking,history and meeting people it usually takes us 3-4 States to really “see”  each summer.

Till now we have explored The Western States,Canada except Manitoba,North Eastern States. :

VisitedProvincesMap          VisitedStatesMap

This year in late October we stored the rig next to Charlotte NC and will be picking it from there next May-June and this time we will end the trip in Ontario Canada around October 2012.

I am currently planning a route that we have not taken yet and would like your advise/suggestions/comments along it.

The idea is to drive along this route (more or less) use  parks with electrical hook-ups at central locations and do side trips mainly to waterfalls,overlooks,hikes and events with the truck.


> Mainmap

Thank you for all your comments/suggestions.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

End of our 10th RV summer trip

It is the end of our 10th RV trip and this time we explored Michigan-Indiana-Kentucky-Tennessee and Part of North Carolina. We are storing the rig next to Charlotte NC and flying back home for the winter just to come back in next spring to pick the rig to discover,hike,meet people and LIVE the Life as we like. To all my Blogger friends,people that we meet on the way and maybe never will see again and to friends that shared with us their time,here is a short run down of this fantastic 2011 summer. See YA ALL IN 2012. CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START.
2011 Summer rv Trip-mi,in,ky,tn,nc Slideshow: Danny’s trip from New Lowell (near Angus, Ontario, Canada) to 33 cities including Nashville, Chattanooga, Lexington, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Holland, Saint Ignace, Muskegon, Petoskey and Manistee was created by TripAdvisor. See another United States slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blue Ridge PKW NC



We tried to pick the perfect time to drive the Blue Ridge PKW NC when the foliage is at full and before the color fade off or the leaves start to fall of the trees, well it looks that we did a good job except on Mt.Mitchel (the highest peak on the PKW)that was covered with clouds.

The drive started at Ashville and ended at Linville Falls and covered 110M which took us a a full day including the hikes to the falls, many stops, picnic and the drive back to our C.G in Lake Powhatan near Ashville NC.

I do not have the talent, words or vocabulary to describe what we saw, experience or felt so I will let the slide show “Talk for itself”.

Map picture


Ashville area NC

Map picture

6 Oct-12 Oct

October is considered a high season in the area due to the foliage colors on the trees, we felt it first hand when we were turned down trying to reserve 2 sites on line in Lake Powhatan C.G –“No reserve sites are available” was the response on the website “Only first come first served”…. So we took off at 9AM from Pigeon Forge taking the scenic route north of the smoke's and arrived at 11:30 Am to the C.G.

After checking the bookings we finally got 2 spots with electrical hook-ups but in different loops, we thanked the ladies and after an hour got settled in this beautiful C.G recommended by “wheeling it”-Thanks Nina.

Lake Powhatan NC C.G Beach                                       Lake Powhatan NC C.G Beach

The rest of the day we spent in beautiful Ashville downtown, the town is full with bars, restaurants, nice shops and many young people- the city is ALIVE and exciting.

As the sun was getting low we took advantage of a great place to sit and have a huge pie (like a pizza) with a pint of beer and salad, it was the right thing in the right time…What a day…

Ashville NC downtown

On 7 Oct we took off to the beautiful Chimney Rock N.P and town.

I do not want to go into the physical fitness of the people climbing all those hundred of stairs (the elevator was out of order) but the view from the top is OUTSTANDING…and very rewarding.

View from Chimney Rock NCView from Chimney Rock NCStairs to Chimney Rock NC

Chimney Rock NCChimney Rock NCView from Chimney Rock NC


Collage of the Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock NC-all the way...

By the time we got off the Rock we were ready for our picnic that was waiting for us in the cool box in the truck, finding a nice place for picnic was the easiest task of the day and we sat by the creek and enjoyed it while looking up to the Rock with satisfaction.

A great ice cream parlour in the beautiful small town of Chimney Rock supplied us exactly what we needed to top our picnic meal.

The “Lady “ on my GPS took us back “home” using back scenic roads full of fields, hills and changing color leaves…..I put a Luis Armstrong song ”What a wonderful world” and felt exactly as he when singing these words.

Chimney Rock NC-Folaige

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8 Oct-We headed to Old Fort and Marion NC,Old Fort has a long history where a battle took place against the British and the Cherokee people, a nice museum and a small Fort that is renovated these days tell the story of the place.

In Marion there was a fest going on with vendors, food and music all this in a beautiful village and great weather.

Marion NC-Fest

In the evening we built a fire enjoyed each other’s company till the wood ran out…

9 Oct-We shopped in the huge Farmer’s Market, visited the beautiful colourful Baltimore old village and went to a Bonsai show where everyone treated the plant like it is their only child..-they were impressive and beautiful plants.

Downtown Chattanooga TN-BonzaiFarmers Market-Ashville NC

Bilmore Village Ashville NCBilmore Village Ashville NC


Ashville NC -Arbaratorium

Black Mountains area NC

How much can one push his luck???? The weather changed and it poured all night and the next day as well, but is this small detail going to close us in the trailer? No way, we took off to Hot Springs NC and enjoyed one hour soaking in a hot tub in front of a river in the small well located community of Hot Springs.

A waitress with a heavy Southern accent in the local dinner served us with the local juicy burger and some cold tea, it took us a while to understand her but it was kind of charming.

There was no trace of the moister on the next day, the sky was blue cloudless and the beautiful communities of Black Mountain and Montreat were perfect for a short day visit.

Black Mountain NC has one main street packed with small stores, coffee shops and a nostalgic atmosphere surrounded with mountains all around what makes it even more attractive.

Montreat is just few minutes away from Black Mountain also nestled between the mountain range is a attracting people to retreat in its outstanding Inn next to a lake and the foliage at this time only adds to its beauty.

This ends our week stay in Ashville area which continually supplied us with great vistas, drives; hikes, falls and great nature-it sure is located in one of the most beautiful places in the area, so we are saying Sayonara….and not GOOD BYE..


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pigeon ForgeTN North Entrance to Smoky Mountains N.P



Map picture

Pigeon Forge TN

26 Sep-5 Oct

We drove with our two 5W from Whittier NC –South entrance Smoky Mountain N.P to Pigeon Forge TN at the North entrance of Smoky Mountains N.P using Hwy 441through the beautiful park, we even managed to park at the State cross line outlook point and take all the beautiful nature in for half an hour before continuing to the information center and the C.G.

The C.G is a small nice place with full hook ups, WiFi and cable TV close to the main drag in Pigeon Forge (20 $ for P.A members).

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are nice small towns with many restaurants, rides and hotels, but the main thing is being close the North entrance to Smoky Mountain N.P.

Our Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) this year is on 28 Sep, so we headed downtown to get some groceries for the evening traditional dinner, while the girls were preparing it we the boys did all king of work on the toys just not to get in their way.

The next day we drove to Little River Road in the park and hiked 2.5 miles to Laurel falls, it was a nice popular easy hike, it was unusual for us to see as many people on this trek-there is still hope…

After we had our picnic we spent 3 hours wondering through the nice, colourful and interesting Gatlinburg town, it can easy be called a “tourist trap” –but it is a nice one.

You can spend endless time in the Smokie’s and not see it all, so we chose the highlights:

*Hiked 2.5 Miles round trip to Laurel Falls- recommended.

*Scenic drives in Cades Cove and hiked 5 Miles round trip to Abrams Falls, on the way back we saw a bear crossing the road and one on a tree having his dinner- Recommended.

*Saw 2 Musical shows, not the best….

*Took a day off for laundry, getting supplies, washing the toys and reading a book (an important day..)

*Hiked 5 miles round-trip to Grotto Falls, very beautiful, can walk behind the falls-recommended, after the hike we drove to Clingmans Dome the highest point in the park and it was snowing and very cold for the first time this season, the view was fantastic, white top trees could be seen together with green and red colors and the whole atmosphere felt like Xmas, we also saw a mama bear with 2 calves on trees feeding from the berries and getting ready for the winter, as we descended back to Pigeon Forge the temperatures bounced back to normal and all the “magic” disappeared.

*Hiked 8 Miles round trip to Ramsey Cascades-excellent trek all the way next to a river crossing it 3 times on bridges– very recommended.

*Dollywood-we never thought to go to Dollywood but-next to me was a 5W that had a slide problem, his kitchen slide did not go all the way inn, I pulled his kitchen draws out and guess what I found-I big torchlight that was laying between the slide and the wall that prevented the slide to go all the way, it seems that it was left there since the 5W left the factory-any how the 5W owner and his wife were working in Dollywood and gave us a free pass worth 120$ …..It is always good to GIVE it always pays ….

I cannot even start to describe the beauty of each hike and site, so take a look at the slideshow.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Whittier NC-Smoky Mountains N.P South entrance.

Map picture


We chose Whittier NC as our base for the next 4 days because of its perfect location for day trips in South Smoky Mountains N.P area including the Blue Ridge.

Fort Wilderness C.G is not something to write back home if you get my drift, but the location and the price (20$ for PA members, including full Hook-ups&Wi-Fi) made work for us, especially when we were mostly touring and hiking around.

Rody &Ruth our good friends from Phoenix Arizona joined us at this point with their beautiful new Laredo 36’ 5W,as they wanted to be with us as much as possible before we fly back home they made the trip from Arizona in TWO DAYS…..and arrived around 10PM to the C.G.

Dinner was ready for them and we did some catch up before the hit the sack.

From the next morning it was an ongoing party, fun and good time.

We shared meals, evening entertainment, hikes, scenic drives and enjoyed each other’s company.

One day we took off to visit the small colourful town of Cherokee, with its Indian history and colourful dancer, then drove to Deep Creek and hiked 3 waterfalls all in 4mile loop.

Another day we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway loop stopping at many beautiful lookouts, visiting Mirror Falls and Sliding Rock.

We could stay another week or month in this area and still not see it all but we are moving to the North Entrance of the Smokey’s hopping to see the Autumn colors …..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Murphy NC


20-21 Sep

If you like to camp surrounded by nature, with a running brook, full hook-ups, private bathrooms /toilets and close to Americas Byway Cherohala Skyway (part of it is in TN and part in NC)then look for Crawford’s Campground & Cabin Rental in Murphy NC ,13$ for Passport America members.

The owner is very helpful and welcoming, he directed us to a close by beautiful waterfall and viewpoints that only few people know about, without his hand sketch map we would never find the place, there are no signs anywhere, at one point we asked a local directions just to make sure that we are on the right trek not realizing that we are just a mile away and the person did not know what we are talking about, just to show you what kind of a “secret” this place is.

If any of you wants directions to a great natural waterfall and a view point with 360 degrees of outstanding view in this area, just ask and I will mail you directions.

It was a great day, the weather was good and the vision from the top of the Cherohala Skyway (5600'Ft.) was as far as the horizon, the bakery in Tellico Plains TN (Junction of Hwy 68&Hwy165) served delicious homemade bread sandwiches and we felt like flying through some kind of unreal world-as some might say it was too good to be true and if you get lost in your travels this is the place to get lost, even the GPS got lost…

I cannot put in words (especially with my English)what we felt seeing and going through this unspoiled beautiful part of the country, so take a look -one pictures is more than a 1000 words and even then it cannot transmit the whole picture, but this is the best I can do.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chattanooga TN



We chose to stay in Camping World C.G which is close to downtown and the other attractions we wanted to visit.

The C.G is nothing fancy but has full hook-ups, cable TV, pool, WiFi (from the CW sales waiting lounge), the sites are long and levelled but close one to another, the C.G was not full and there enough space between the trailers.

Chattanooga is nestled between the mountains: Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Racoon Mountain and Missionary Ridge.

The Tennessee River runs through Chattanooga, 3 bridges connect both sides of the city; one of them is the longest pedestrian bridge.

There are several view points from the surrounding mountains into the Grand Canyon of the Tennessee River and the downtown area.

Add to this a lovely Downtown area with many restaurants, shops, ChooChoo Old Train Station, Bluff View Art District and free summer concerts along the river and you have a good excuse to stop for few days.

16 Sep

After settling in the C.G we wondered around the CW shop and took a look at some new RV that were for sale and then used the lounge to get online and check our e-mails.

17 Sep

*A day in Downtown that included:

*Walk along the river and the pedestrian bridge.

*We took the free shuttle to Choo Choo Old Train Station and a visited the Toy Train Museum.

*Lunch in Sticky Fingers a local BBQ dinner(Ribs,Chicken)-great food.

*Drive to the Signal Point that has great view to the Tennessee River.

*Concert in the park along the river, listening to music and watching boats sale by.

By 1030PM we were back and as you can imagine had no problems sleeping through the night……


The farmers market was a real treat, local restaurants had a completion going on ,for 8$ you got to taste 8 samples from deferent restaurants and then voted for the one you liked the most, there was live music, fresh produce ,beer, wine and many other vendors.

We got ourselves some good fresh vegetables, goat cheese (which we love) and some herbs.

On the way back we popped into a Wal-Mart to get some presents for the kids and grandkids.

All this shopping activity made us thirsty and tired and at 5PM we headed home to cool ourselves in the AC.

The CW was closed so NO WiFi today….

19 Sep

Today was our “Tourist “ day, we drove to Lookout Mountain to visit Ruby Falls ,the tallest and deepest underground waterfall, it is 1120 feet underground (do not worry there is an elevator)and fall from 260 feet high,the tour is an hour and beside the falls many stalagmite /stalactites’ can be seen.

Then we drove to Rock City (crossed to GA without noticing) and walked the 1700 feet above sea level place to see SEVEN States from the observation point. The place is a beautiful botanical and geological wonder between natural rocks. Some of the paths are between “crakes” in the rocks so one might want to skip a meal before heading there.

We crossed back to Tennessee to a battle field at the Point Park where at 1863 Federal and Confederate armies clashed in some of the Civil War’s hardest fighting; it also has a fantastic view point on Chattanooga and the Tennessee River.

Just heard a short joke “How do you call a fish without an eye?”FSHHHH…(a little stupid ah..but funny)

That’s it for this beautiful area, moving tomorrow to Murphy NC.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pikesville Tennessee


14 Sep-15 Sep

Map picture

Our next stop was in a great small beautiful Mountain Glenn RV park next to Fall Creek Falls S.P.

The place is very well maintained,nice pull through sites and outstanding bathrooms (5 star hotel)..

The owner was very nice and helpful,we stayed in the game room watching cable TV while the washing and drying machine “worked “ on our laundry.

In the evening we built a fire and grilled some eggplant on it.

The following morning we woke up to a gloomy rainy day,but this did not stop us from getting our hiking gear together and hitting the Fall Creek Falls S.P just 20 miles down the road.

There are some beautiful hike in this huge park but due to the weather we did only 2 short ones to falls,hanging bridge and view points.

The scenery was just fantastic and I made a note to come for another visit.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Central Hill Lake TN

Map picture


We took a 100Km ride East towards Central Hill Lake COE C.G, as all COE C.G this too is located on a beautiful lake and has good size of sites with water & electrical hook-ups.

Next to the C.G there is a large Marina filled with large and beautiful boathouses including one that belongs to Al Gore.

The C.G RV sites are built in levels because of the sloops and this gives ones that are not on the water still be able to have a water view.

As we came in we meet this great couple named Eric and Ronda that came down for a day, we had only a short time together but managed to “solve” most of the world’s problems….the ones that we still did not solve we left till we meet again.


On this beautiful day we took a ride down to Rock Island S.P (N 35.80472 W-85.63028) to hike and see the Twin Falls, first we drove to the lookout where we could see the huge size of this fantastic falls and although it was the end of summer the falls were strong and mighty.

After that we drove to other side of the river and hiked the Great falls (2Miles)at its lower part close to the river, all the way we walked in water and could see the falls starting way high above us till the vale small waterfalls just close to us, it was an unusual magnificent sight.

We took a picnic break and continued to Burgess Falls S.P (N36.04359 W-85.59833) although we felt that after the last fall’s it was imposable to take at the same day.

But the Burgess Falls were another pleasant surprise; the falls were massive, high and wide, only if some could be diverted to dry areas…..the hike was easy and a round trip was around 1.5Mile long.


We took a DAY OFF relaxing around the beautiful lake, at noon we drove down to the Marina and got connected to the WiFi to check our mail.


We took of early to Virgin Falls Designated State Natural Area just 50 miles from the C.G, on the way we stopped in Sparta information center to get a hiking map of the trail and continued to the trailhead.

The loop is 8 miles long passing Big Branch Falls, Big Laurel Falls and Virgin falls, some parts were quite rough but rewording at the end.

As it was the end of summer we did not see much water on the way to Virgin Falls and even thought to back up instead going all the way (Virgin Falls is at the end of the trail and the last fall)but something told us to go on and we are happy we did it (see pictures).

I must mention that the trail marking is very poor and in one case misleading, we “lost” our way few times and hikes extra unnecessary miles till we found out that we are on the wrong trek; even the map did not help.

At the falls we meet Chris & Mike, the only couple that was hiking this long trail; it was nice to do all the way back to the parking lot with them together, we do hope to meet them again when we will be in their area.

It was dark when got back “home” and felt like we were after a boot camp….but a nice one….

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nashville Area TN

Map picture


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The drive from Grand Rivers Land between the Lakes KY to J.Percy Priest lake Core of Engineer C.G near Nashville took around 3 hours with no outstanding events.

The C.G can accommodate any size of RV; some sites are close to the water, all have electrical and water hook-ups, the sites are specious and mostly levelled, there is a nice clean beach with children playground and most important just 20 minutes from downtown Nashville.

We experienced the most swift change in the weather, it jumped from 100’s to the 60’s in one day, it was cold, rainy and nasty..So we spent the rest of the day in the trailer sipping soup….

6 Sep

It rained all night and did not look promising this morning, but this did not stop us from driving to Nashville down town to service the truck in Nashville Ford service center then we parking the truck next to the information center (15$....) and walking the streets that are full with bars, eateries with music .

We visited 2 museums, eat and listened to a 3rd class country music singer in a bar and after we got soaked to our bones it was time to head back “home” to our lovely trailer parked on Priest Lake.

7 Sep

There was some improvement in the weather conditions, it stopped raining but it was still chilly.

We took off to Franklin a beautiful town with interesting downtown area, heading back to the truck we noticed a fuel leak and headed back to Ford, after 2 hours and some apologies we were off again towards the famous National Byway Natchez Trail, it was a beautiful ride with some look outs and short hike to Jackson Falls (very weak stream at this time of the year).

At 6:30 PM we hit the famous establishment named Loveless Barn on Hwy 100, the place was sold out for the Country Music show that was to start at 7PM so we waited next to the ticket office hoping for some cancelations, surely enough we got 2 tickets and went into the large barn finding out that there were no sitting places available, but it was our “Green Light Day “and we found 2 seats marked “RESERVED” not taken till the show started, after getting some shoulder gestures from people around we took the seats and enjoyed 2 ½ hours of FANTASTIC country music show.

What a Day…


It was cloudy but without wind and around the 70’s so we decided to take a leisurely scenic drive to Murfreesboro to visit the Cannonsburgh Village that has on the premises gristmill, school house, doctor’s office, general store and others, then we continued to Arrington Vineyards and tasted some good wines with fancy names.

After a short rest we drove to Nolensville ,a small village with some antique shops and great local BBQ where we struggled to clean a plate loaded with a full rack of baby ribs,sauce,French fries and beer….wooow it was GOOD.

The side roads we took throughout this drive were all beautiful and swung through lashing green valleys and hills, we were amazed to see the most huge beautiful houses in the area estimated value between 700 thousand and 1 million $....

At 6PM arriving back” home” we found the crane waiting for us….


Nashville downtown, music,food and shopping all day long.

Moving tomorrow West to another COE C.G on Hill Lake

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grand Rivers-Land between the Lakes KY

30 August-4 September.

We found a great spot in a Corps of Engineer Canal C.G in Grand Rivers at the North entrance to LBL.

The C.G has 110 sites, some pull through, some with full hook ups and some only water/electricity connections, regular price 20$ and 10$ for Golden Age Pass (so there are some advantages for being elderly….)

Grand Rivers is an ideal destination for anyone that likes the outdoors, boating, hiking, wants to see good theatre show ,eat well or just taking it easy taking scenic drives along the lakes.

Grand Rivers has a population of 350 but hosts the famous Pettis Village including a restaurant that serves the best huge 2” thick Pork Chops it also has great shows in the local theatre called Badgett Playhouse *, we went to both.

As it was Labour long week end there were many things going around: Fests, Parade and Concerts so we did a schedule to be able to see them all.

As you can see Grand Rivers is small but has all you need to enjoy the outdoors, Theatre, Gourmet food and most important people that let you feel at home when you are away from home.

At the center of LBL there is a prairie were Elks and Bison’s roam and this is surly on our list, so as you can see our hands are full, NO DAY OFF SINCE WE RETAIRED….

31 Aug

Information Center-Kim the lady that is running the center was kind enough to direct us to all the interesting places we should visit and attend she also invited us into the aircondioned center and let us use the WiFi (it was like 100F outside), later we found out that she told Bill Minihan the owner of the Budgett Playhouse that we will be coming to the Patty Clien’s show *(see 2 September to find out about the surprise).

*Bought Tickets to the Budgett Playhouse.

*Groceries supply

*Pettis Village

* Jetty to see the sunset.

7:14 PM Grand Rivers,Jetty Point.

Beautiful sunset from the Jetty in Grand Rivers.

*Pettis restaurant (2” thick pork chops) it was so large we had to share one Pork Chop plate for both of us… -EXCELENT, Put this on your bucket list as a MUST EAT…

2" Porkchop Pettis Resturant Grand Rivers KY

Pettis Restaurant in Grand Rivers KY 2” Pork Chop.

1 September

Grand Loop from Grand Rivers to Cadiz-Bison Elk Prairie-Grand Rivers, with multiply stops and side trips.

Maybe it was too hot but we managed to see only few Elks and one Bison even though we made more than one run through the loop.


Elk in Land between the Lakes prairie.

2 September

Paducah KY-The town is located Just 30 minutes west from Grand Rivers where the Tennessee River joins the Ohio River

In the beautiful downtown area near the river we found an old Bakery (had breakfast there),antique shops, impressive old buildings and fantastic Murals telling the history of the town painted on the wall that protects the city from flooding.

In uptown artists from all over North America found a friendly place to show their arts and by that attract tourist to this area.

Badgett Playhouse Grand Rivers-KY

Badgett Playhouse-Grand Rivers KY


We have purchased tickets to Patsy Cline’s show in advance (the great singer that died in a plane crash when she was only 30 years old) and I am glad we did that as the Theatre was completely full .

Before the show started together with some advertisements there were titles running on the screen welcoming new people that joined the theatre Season pass and Patron’s pass ,following these titles suddenly we see a title saying “Welcome to Danny and Ursula from Israel” beside the mistake in my wife’s name we did not believe our eyes, we did not give this information to the cashier while buying the tickets????

As if this is not enough just before the show started Bill (the owner) said a few words about the future theatre shows and plans and then said “we welcome our friends from Israel Danny and Ursula, let’s give them a hand. Please show yourselves”…so here we are rising while audience is clapping hands-Wow that was something we have never experienced before but surly appreciated it very much.

At the interval people came over and showed interest on our travels, we felt welcomed and among friends-Thank you all.

We grew up on Patsy Cline’s songs and when I closed my eyes I could swear that I am actually listening to her and not to Erica (Complement..) that is blessed with an outstanding voice, It is a MUST ++ DO NOT MISS.

Patsy Cline by Erica-Badgette Playhouse KY

Erica the magnificent in action…..

Bill and Sara invited us for tomorrows show and gave us the best sits in the theatre, what a couple….they both are very talented and a part of the cast ,Sara not only dances ,sings and acts but she also is the chorographer and does the all the costumes herself…(wonder women).

3 September

We started the day by visiting the Grand Rivers artist Fair where 90 venders showed their merchandise, it was organized very well; unfortunately it was too hot and humid so people stayed only for a limited time.

At 7PM we drove down to the Budgett Theatre to see Variety show, music, memories and more, it was 2hours of Branson style great entertainment that we enjoyed very much.

We said goodbyes to Sara and Bill, exchanged E-mails hoping to see them again in the future.

In January 2012 they will adding a new addition to their family nest- Mazal Tov(Good Luck in Hebrew).

Bill,Sara,Shula&Erica-Budgette Playhouse KY

Bill & Sara Minihan (the owners),Shula ,Erica (a great singer with a divine voice).

4 September.

A kind of “a day off” just before we hit the road to Nashville.

Getting some supplies, checking E-mail, visiting the city Dam and taking it easy.

For the last few day the weather was around the 90’s and it was tough to stay out of the air-condition but today finally it became cooler-what a relief.

All in all we enjoyed very much these last 5 days in Grand Rivers and the Land between the Lakes, it is surely one of the most beautiful places in Kentucky.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mammoth Cave National Park Kentucky


27-29 Aug

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A Grand, Gloomy and Peculiar Place Mammoth Cave National Park preserves the cave system and a part of the Green River valley and hilly country of south central Kentucky. This is the world's longest known cave system, with more than 390 miles explored. Early guide Stephen Bishop called the cave a "grand, gloomy and peculiar place," but its vast chambers and complex labyrinths have earned its name—Mammoth.

First time we meet Chuck and Carol was in Upper Michigan on one of the falls trails,after a short time talking with them they invited us to call them when we will be in their area close to Mammoth Cave and so we meet them again and had a fantastic 3 days together.

They have invited us to their house for dinner what turned out to be an overnight thing,they live in a forest and the place is just beautiful, what impressed us was the fact that all the renovations were done by Chuck&Carol and it took them 4 years to bring it to what it is today.

The next 2 days we spent together shopping,visiting the Cave and hiking in the N.P,after the cave visit we invited them for an Israeli dinner that included Humus,Thini,Falafel and salad.

Chuck& Carol-Thanks for sharing time with us hope to meet you guys again..Be right back

The cave was somehow disappointing,it is large and impressive but dry and nothing to be compared with other Caves we saw before Confused smile


Friday, August 26, 2011

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park-Kentucky

25-26 August.

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Beautiful Hwy I-75 took us to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park also known as NIAGARA OF THE SOUTH.

The old C.G in the park is not ready for big rigs,all sites are unlevelled and close to each other,we managed to park along 3 sites ,I had to put 3 boards under the right wheels and raise the front quite a bit just to level the 5W Thumbs down.

After parking the rig we put it behind us and enjoyed the stay in the park Smile.

There are few hikes in the park including 2 we took,one short one to the Cumberland Falls that in a small scale does remind Niagara falls and although it was  August the Falls were in full swing.

The second hike (2 Miles) was to the beautiful Eagle Falls ,huge rocks and good vistas were all along the trail ,when reached we could walk behind the falls and wet our feet at the bottom .

We were surprised to be the only one on the trail,but no complain here… Smile with tongue out.