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Our Rig

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nashville Area TN

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The drive from Grand Rivers Land between the Lakes KY to J.Percy Priest lake Core of Engineer C.G near Nashville took around 3 hours with no outstanding events.

The C.G can accommodate any size of RV; some sites are close to the water, all have electrical and water hook-ups, the sites are specious and mostly levelled, there is a nice clean beach with children playground and most important just 20 minutes from downtown Nashville.

We experienced the most swift change in the weather, it jumped from 100’s to the 60’s in one day, it was cold, rainy and nasty..So we spent the rest of the day in the trailer sipping soup….

6 Sep

It rained all night and did not look promising this morning, but this did not stop us from driving to Nashville down town to service the truck in Nashville Ford service center then we parking the truck next to the information center (15$....) and walking the streets that are full with bars, eateries with music .

We visited 2 museums, eat and listened to a 3rd class country music singer in a bar and after we got soaked to our bones it was time to head back “home” to our lovely trailer parked on Priest Lake.

7 Sep

There was some improvement in the weather conditions, it stopped raining but it was still chilly.

We took off to Franklin a beautiful town with interesting downtown area, heading back to the truck we noticed a fuel leak and headed back to Ford, after 2 hours and some apologies we were off again towards the famous National Byway Natchez Trail, it was a beautiful ride with some look outs and short hike to Jackson Falls (very weak stream at this time of the year).

At 6:30 PM we hit the famous establishment named Loveless Barn on Hwy 100, the place was sold out for the Country Music show that was to start at 7PM so we waited next to the ticket office hoping for some cancelations, surely enough we got 2 tickets and went into the large barn finding out that there were no sitting places available, but it was our “Green Light Day “and we found 2 seats marked “RESERVED” not taken till the show started, after getting some shoulder gestures from people around we took the seats and enjoyed 2 ½ hours of FANTASTIC country music show.

What a Day…


It was cloudy but without wind and around the 70’s so we decided to take a leisurely scenic drive to Murfreesboro to visit the Cannonsburgh Village that has on the premises gristmill, school house, doctor’s office, general store and others, then we continued to Arrington Vineyards and tasted some good wines with fancy names.

After a short rest we drove to Nolensville ,a small village with some antique shops and great local BBQ where we struggled to clean a plate loaded with a full rack of baby ribs,sauce,French fries and beer….wooow it was GOOD.

The side roads we took throughout this drive were all beautiful and swung through lashing green valleys and hills, we were amazed to see the most huge beautiful houses in the area estimated value between 700 thousand and 1 million $....

At 6PM arriving back” home” we found the crane waiting for us….


Nashville downtown, music,food and shopping all day long.

Moving tomorrow West to another COE C.G on Hill Lake

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Contessa said...

And so your perfect vacation continues. Love the "heron" photos. You are very lucky in getting the tickets and the reserved seats at the concert