Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chutes P.P Ontario

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We got an invitation from our friends in White Fish Falls ON to visit them for a few days before we cross the boarder to Michigan in SSM,we wanted to meet them again  and visit this fantastic  area that is loaded with  lakes and islands so it was not  really difficult to except their invitation.

We settled down comfortably in their property with electric&water connection and did some catching up since we saw them 3 years ago.

                                                                                                                                     White Fish Falls ON

The next day we took off to hike and visit Chutes P.P (Called after the log Chutes that were built there to move logs down stream) just 50 KM North West near Massy,the park has a big C.G ,Water Falls and  6 KM trail called The Twin Bridges Trail that incorporates three viewing platforms,two bridges , a spectacular views of the River aux Sables  and the Seven Sisters Rapids.

The trail is easy and follows the river bank but if you chose to get closer to the waters it becomes rugged and some times slippery (this did not stop us from moving from the main trail and walking on the rocks).

Chutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ON There were many places free of people and off the beaten path that we liked,add to it the great weather so make it a perfect day-even this squirrel was having a good time….

Squarle                   Squarle

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pow Wow–White Fish Lake Ontario+Onaping Falls

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The annual Pow Wow took place in the native territory in the beautiful surrounding of a lake.

It was not our first time to experience this colorful,traditional ,dancing event but we really enjoyed it very much.

The dancers from all ages including small kids got into the mood and it was difficult to stay sited and not join the dancing circle.

There was pride in the dance and respect to the elders which I wish was more in our society.

White Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake Ontario

After 3 hours and a Navaho Taco we drove together with Susan & Harry to Onaping for a short 2Mile hike to see the beautiful Onaping Falls,we got luck with the weather and almost did not get wet.


Onaping Falls ON


Onaping Falls ON                                                                                       Onaping Falls ON

We ended  this another perfect day in a  Thai restaurant and some Irish cream with ice cream at Susan’s and Harry’s house-can’t ask for a better company and day like this one.

Off the grid party in Crab Fish Lake ON

Map picture

We were invited by Nicky&Grant to  a family party in a cottage along Crab Fish Lake that is located South of White Fish Falls,the cottage is equipped with solar energy that provides the necessary electricity and is very isolated.

We  reached the cottage by a boat (the only way to get there) and were greeted by a fantastic ,happy group of people.

Crab Lake Ontario   Crab Lake Ontario   Crab Lake Ontario    Crab Lake Ontario

The surroundings were breath taking and the atmosphere inside was just perfect,it was loud,funny,interesting and very tasty.

Crab Lake OntarioCrab Lake OntarioCrab Lake OntarioCrab Lake OntarioCrab Lake Ontario

We are very thankful to be invited and to be able to spend time with this nice group of people.

The way back was when it started to get dark ,cold and after the margaritas even “dangerous”,but we all got home in one piece singing all the way….

                                                                                                                                       Crab Lake Ontario 

What a day what a great experience and especially what great people.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Grand Son left– suddenly it became quiet.

We spent 3  days with Paz in Toronto together with our youngest son and his wife before he boarded a direct flight back home,we managed to take him to the Black Creek Pioneer Village so he could see how life was in those days –the place is nice and gives the visitor a glance and atmosphere of an old time village.

The month with Paz flew by fast and suddenly it was quiet,again it was just the two of us and we can get back doing things without thinking if it will interest a 13 year old boy or not-it was a fun month but enough is enough for both parties,”I want to stay longer but I miss my parents and sisters” Paz said-so it was time to collect all the memories and go home-we hope this experience will stay with him for a long time-Good by Paz see you in October.

                                                                                                         Port Stanly ON

You are stronger now then when you started the trip…and we hope this “strength” will give you an advantage in the future.

On the way to pick our trailer we stopped  in Georgetown to bottle our wine that we ordered in advance ,this way we get the wine we like for a decent price.

Georgetown ON             Georgetown ON             Georgetown ON             Georgetown ON 

It took us 40 minutes and we were on our way to pick up the 5W,around 2PM we were on the HWY towards Lively to meet our dear friends Susan and Harry and spend some time with them.

As we were driving happily towards our destination with a song in our hearts thinking about the “gift” we have – we are doing what we love to do ,we had great month  with Paz  ,our “cellar” is full with wine and our friends are waiting for us –then suddenly a great “POOOFFF” and our right rear tire on the 5er blowout.

                                                                                                                                         Tire Blowout between Orangville and Lively ON

                                                                                                                                         Almost new tire…….

I was lucky to be able to stop on the side of the HWY and have enough room to exchange the tire without disturbing the traffic, there was ZERO damage to the trailer and all I had to do is release  the spare that was hanging under the front of the 5W ,I drove with the front wheel on wooden boards to lift the right side of the trailer then insert the jack under the rear wheel and exchanged the wheels.

It took me around an hour to complete the whole thing,but as I lowered the 5er I realized that the spare was low with air….(Next time check the air in the spare-you might need it…I said to myself) but what now???,so we made it slowly back on the HWY looking for  a gas station sign  ,surely enough after 15 minutes we followed a sign off the HWY to a gas station and found the air pump  –but the length of the line was not built to reach truck or trailers  , it took me 15 minutes to maneuver 30’ trailer to a position where the line will reach the wheels  not without blocking parking cars in the area,you would think that is it-NO way the air pump does not pump…on the road again for another 1/2 hour where finally we located a Canadian Tire gas station with a functional air pump.

Except this “minor” event  we had a smooth drive till Lovely ON-HA HA HA…..

The main thing was that we made it safe and sound with a “small” delay to Susan and Harry’s place and were greeted with warm welcome that included food and a driveway……-Thank you very much.

                                          Susan&Harry Lively ON "C.G" in the driveway                                                                                                                                          Lively ON

Hope for the best but be ready for the worst….

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Hamburg ON

Map picture

The one month trip with our grandson is getting to its final stretch,soon he will be flying out of Toronto on a direct flight back home loaded with new memories and experiences  that we hope will last for a long time.

We picked a  central location campground  with a swimming pool ,full hookups and a playing ground.

                                                                                                                                              New Hmburg ON C.G

While in the C.G e had done 2 side trips one to Elora Gorge where we hiked along the river , had a picnic and took a stroll in this beautiful town.

Elora Gorge ONElora Gorge ONElora Gorge ONElora  ONElora  ON

and the second to St.Jacobs farmers&Flea market where we could see a livestock  auction and listen to the announcements which we could not understand-but it was a lot of fun.

                                           St.Jcobs ON                                                                                                      St.Jcobs ON 


As we sat to have our last meal in the trailer Paz thanked us for the wonderful time he had we us on this trip,I must add that he is not very open to describe his feelings so it was a great surprise for us.

On the way to Toronto we “left” the 5W in a storage area and drove to the big city with the truck.

After his departure we will continue as planned to Michigan-Wisconsin & Illinois.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

St Marys Ontario

Map picture

Paz just said today “this is the shortest one month I have ever had”   “ yes” I said “this is what happens when you are having a good time” .

We are getting to close to the end of the round trip in Southern Ontario when we checked in a great C.G in Granton near St Marys Ontario,

Granton ON                                         Granton ON

It has spacious grassy sites some close to the river,heated pool,play ground for kids,WiFi (5$ a day…) but excepts Passport America membership.

On Saturday we took  a short drive (10K) to St.Marys that had a farmers market,street fest and fireworks at the evening,we also meet a great couple who are selling stuff before leaving to the far east-most of the things Paz experienced for the first time and it seemed that he is enjoying himself.

St Mary ONSt Mary ONSt Mary ONSt Mary ONSt Mary ON

The end of another great day….be positive and many more will follow.