Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, August 29, 2016

Crescent City area California

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California coast line provides outstanding views , beaches ,hikes and water activities, the driver has a tough time driving up the coast without making many stops on the way.

We "meet" Jim & Nancy on Escapee and were kindly enough to invite us to park our trailer on the their property while exploring the area , they immediately let us feel at home and we thank them very much for their kind hospitality.


Together with our friends from Arizona Ruth and Rod we explored the area, the harbors, the huge trees enjoying the cool weather , sometimes the fog comes in and adds to the atmosphere.


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Happy trails.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Eureka Area CA

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Hwy 299 from Redding to Eureka CA is curvy ,some times steep but very scenic and that is why we took this route moving our 5w to this new to us place that will be the base for day trips in the next 4 days.

The Fairgrounds C.G in Eureka looks more like a parking lot with full hook ups, internet and an old bathroom, but it served our needs for 4 nights .

On the first day we visited downtown Eureka ,4 blocks of beautiful buildings with some nice restaurants, shops and easy navigation .

P1000851 P1000852

The Marina and the Island attached to the West side of the town attracted us and we could explore the place before the fog droped in adding some mysterious atmosphere to the place .

P1000855 P1000856P1000860 P1000861


The fish resturant on the Island was very good and  a good way to end this great day,we sure will go there again.



On the next day we took a day trip to the beautiful Victorian Ferndale town just South of Eureka, it is a small pictures little town ,great antic shops ,restaurants and hotels.

Map picture

P1000862 P1000866P1000867 P1000869

Ferndale was just the beginnig point of this day trip along the Lost Coast Beach through Petrolia to Shelter Cove , a curvy beautiful narrow road that reveled stanning views of the coast,mountains and valleys.

P1000871 P1000872P1000877P1000878

Shelter Cove is a small fishing village like taken from the movies,the smell of the fog,fish and ocean mixed together with the a remote hard to reach village with one bar ,many fisherman boats, small houses and a C.G makes it a very attactive place to visit.



Completing the loop we entered the South entrance of the Avenue of The Giants exactly when the sun was getting ready to call it a day but still sending light beams through the Giant Trees creating the perfect time for this unusual scenic drive admiring the Hug Giants- No words can do justice to this:

P1000893 P1000894P1000895P1000897P1000898

As we were driving  back to the C.G the fog came down and presented one great picture.


As we came back to the C.G we meet our friends Rod and Ruth that came with their 5w all the way from Phoenix to join and travel with us as they did in the last 3 years ,so the rest of the evening was all about catching up and discussing the future trip plans.

On the last day in Eureka we took off in one truck going this time North towards Trinidad-Patrick's Point S.P and the Redwood N.P


Good friends, good health and doing what we like to do –what else can one ask for?