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Friday, August 19, 2016

Lake Shasta Caverns CA


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Discovering the caverns

Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark is one of three known caverns in Shasta County. Our beds originated 250 million years ago when the earth was subjected to the folding of its crust. Ultimately, this created the Klamath Mountains.

The caverns were part of life for the Wintu Indians, who lived in the area. In the 1870s, a fish hatchery and small town were built on the McCloud River and the cave was named Baird Cave.

A hatchery employee, J.A. Richardson, officially discovered the caverns in 1878. Since 1964, they have been opened as a natural attraction to the public.

From tiny cave coral and gravity defying helicities, to magnificent cave drapery, there is so much to see!

From Redding just 20 minutes drive to Lake Shasta Caverns  , park the car on a free parking lot where a boat will take you across one of the canals of Lake Shasta .


It is a short crossing on calm waters and a pleasant one.

On the other side a mini bus will take people up a very curly and steep road to the Caverns entrance, (sit on the right side to see the beautiful views).

The guided Caverns tour takes about 45 minutes and has some climbing paths and steps.

The temrature is around 70F ( much better than 110F outside) so there is  no need to take a jacket or long pants.

The Caverns are beautiful with big and high rooms with lots of mineral activities.

The whole tour including the boat and bus is 26$ for and adult.


The whole Shasta River is a hug palyground to hikers, photographers,campers,fisherman,boater and nature lovers-what a great place.

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