Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Amnicon Falls S.P WI

Map picture

We spend our last day camping in Fond Du Lac visiting Amnicon State Park,I know I am repeating myself but it is a beautiful park with four waterfalls all located very close to the parking lot,actually the high falls can be seen almost with out leaving the car.

It is easy to reach the bottom of the falls and walk on the rocks along the colorful  gorge,there is a nice covered bridge on the Amnicon river that leads to trails that allow different viewing angles .

Amnicon Falls S.P WI-High FallsAmnicon Falls S.P WIAmnicon Falls S.P WI-High FallsAmnicon Falls S.P WI-Lower FallsAmnicon Falls S.P WI-Now & Then Falls

It was so “crowded” that  it was difficult to find someone to take a picture of us.

This Park makes it easy for those that do not hike to see and be very close to the Falls.

Will be moving  South to another location tomorrow,thank for visiting.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Duluth MN

Map picture


The evening before visiting the city we heard a saver weather warning in our region,so before hitting the sack we lowered the TV antenna and disconnected all electrical appliance s it was recommended on the weather news,we did not go far as closing the slides but we were ready for the worse-it got stormy around 1130PM but nothing really bad ,no tennis ball size hale just wind and heavy rain that the trailer handed successfully.

The next morning was a whole different story,it was summer again… so we drove down to the Ford Duluth to service the truck as planed and booked a day before,on the way to Ford all kind of thoughts run through my mind regarding the service and not all were good-but what a pleasant surprise waited for us,we were excepted immediately with no hassle ,we were given keys to a Ford company car and were told to come back at 4PM.

Duluth Minessota They were efficient,professional and every that was promised was done ,we also ordered 4 new tires(Michelin LMX M2)  which they had to bring overnight,when we arrived for the  service we were told that we will pay  for 3 and get one free (saved 250$)-not bad..

Having the small car we easily toured this beautiful city from the Sky line drive till downtown and the port are watching a big ship entering the port .to do so a huge bridge is lifted up all in one piece and lowered back after the ship passed into the port-as the kids say “COOL”

Duluth Minessota     Duluth Minessota     Duluth Minessota

Killing time we headed to the famous “Grandmother’s” restaurant and had a great meal ,4 beer samples and a huge bloody marry  (there was enough time before I get behind the wheel)

Duluth Minessota                                        Duluth Minessota

The truck was ready as promised and I am happy to say that  it worked as planed .

Tomorrow –hiking in Amicon S.P WI to waterfalls…

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pattison S.P WI

Map picture

Our original  plan was to camp at the Pattison S.P C.G using electrical hookups, the park  has only 17 electrical sites and  by the time  I new the dates it was all reserved…but as we say “changes can be for the best” ,I have found  a C.G /Marina in Fond Du Lac MN just South of Duluth on the lake,it has full hookups,WiFi  a great view and excellent location for hiking in Pattison and Amnicon State parks .

Fond Du Lac MN       Fond Du Lac MN      Fond Du Lac MN 

We  settled down disconnected the truck  just before the rain started and we spend the whole doing things in the trailer.

We awoke to a beautiful clear but hot and humid morning as I was due for the truck service so we drove to the Ford dealership in Duluth,made an appointment for the following day and continued to Pattison S.P .

The park has a lake with a beach,spotless bathrooms/changing rooms ,picnic area and two waterfalls-Big Manitou Falls (the highest in Wisconsin) and the Little Manitou Falls (Little?? I do not think so)

                                                                                                                    Pattison S.P WI

To reach the the Big Manitou it takes only a short easy walk from the parking lot  but impossible to get to the bottom.

   Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI      Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI

To get to the Little Manitou Falls it takes a hike for 3 Miles round trip,but worth the effort.

Little Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI  This is the view from the lookout

Little Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI And this a shot taken after getting to the bottom.

Now at the end of summer they still look “strong” but imagine them in the Spring when they are in full swing…..

At the we saw a beautiful dragon fly that gave me a tough time ,he just did not stay still,finally my patience paid off.

Dragon Fly -Pattison S.P WI

On the way home we stopped in Wal-Mart for supplies ,my wife had a short list of things to get but we pulled out with a full trolley…does it also happens to you???

We again barley made it before it started pouring rain…I like the  arrangement  -rain during the night and clear skies during the day ,hope it stays this way.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Black River Waterfalls Michigan

Black River Waterfalls MI

Along the last    9.5 Miles of the Black River just before it drops into the Superior Lake there are 5 big  beautiful waterfalls,all but Rainbow Falls can be reached from the Black River National Scenic Byway.

To see the full drop of the Rainbow Falls we had to cross the suspended  bridge at Black river Harbor to the East side of the gorge and hike 3/4 mile towards the lookout.

Black River Harbor MI

Some are visible after a short easy walk from the parking lot and some are between half a mile and 3/4 of a mile walk one way,but if you like to get to the bottom of the falls and walk on the rocks it is a a strenuous walk from the top of the gorge going down and latter of course going up….

We as “Waterfall Lovers” could not skip this opportunity , so we left the trailer in the Odanah Casino C.G and got to the first Waterfall at 11M   ,although the lady in the Welcome Center told us that we can see all the five waterfalls in “a couple if hours” it took us around 5 hours to complete the tour,so or she took a scooter from one waterfall to the next one without spending time next to each one  or she was never there.

We took our sweet time to see the falls from the observation points and get to the bottom of each to feel the power of the water and walk on the rocks,this powerful nature creation never stops amazing me although I hiked many waterfalls.

Gorge Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MISandstone Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MISandstone Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MIRainbow Falls -Black River Falls MIRainbow Falls -Black River Falls MI 

                                      Sandstone Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MI

The end of this Scenic Road leads to a beach and the to the Black Harbor Marina ,great place to get the sweat away and wash the dirty sandals.

Black River Harbor MIBlack River Harbor MIBlack Hobor MIBlack Hobor MI

It is a great place for hikes,fisherman , waterfall lovers and to think that the day started with rain…

I hope this post will compensate the others that were without waterfalls.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Apostle Islands WI

Map picture

I think I already mentioned that Wisconsin is a beautiful State ,well today I got another proof of that this state is blessed with great landscapes and great body waters.

It took us 45 minutes driving (only with the truck) from Odanah along the scenic HWY 2 & 13 to a very nice small my kind of town Bayfield.

Bayfield and the area has so much to offer ,if it is on land or on the lake (I sometimes forget that is a lake…it looks to me  like a sea as I can not see the other side….) ,chose a hike from many in the area,stroll along the main drag that has restaurants,coffee shops,museums ,take a cruise from the town marina to the Islands or just have a picnic it is all pure pleasure,the whole place feels and smells like one big holiday.

Bayfield WI      Bayfield WI     P1070759

After we did ALL the above we took the afternoon Grand Cruise to the Apostle Islands ,the weather was just perfect and  the additional cloths we brought incase it will be cold were not used.

Before getting on the 4 hour cruise we bought a food basket with stuff we liked so in case we get hungry we will not relay on the food on board .

The Captain did not stop speaking about the Islands feeding the passengers with too many details for any to remember,it was good that there was no quiz at the end ,I am afraid we would all fil the test,any how I was focused on the vistas and gladly sharing them with you all.

Apostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WI 

                                                Apostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WI 

Entering the Marina at the sunset was a beautiful sight as the cruise and  the rest of the day.

Bayfield WI                     Bayfield WI

No waterfalls today –may be tomorrow….

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cooper State Park WI

Map picture

This is sure one of the best S.P we have visited,it is very well maintained,clean bathrooms,excellent picnic tables,trails with clear directions and many things to do for the whole family.

The trail to Cooper Falls and Brownstone Falls is leveled and short ,any one including those that do not hike can   easily reach the overlooks and enjoy these two beautiful falls,unfortunately currently they are not in full swing but I sure they will in the Spring.

Cooper Falls WIBrownstone Falls WIBrownstone Falls WIBrownstone Falls WI 

The Red Granite Falls trail is 2.5 miles long but is very rewarding,the trail starts next to the parks beach and along the redish colored gorge,we found 2 places were we could reach the water and walk on the rocks ,wearing hiking sandals was surly a good choice in this case.

Cooper S.P Beach WIRed Granite Falls WIRed Granite Falls WIRed Granite Falls WI 

We were surprised and happy at the same time to find ourselves almost alone along the trails ,the weather ,the cool water and the atmosphere made our visit to this park just great.

On the way back to the parking lot we saw this mushroom shape for the first time (and I thought I saw all of them by now)

Cooper S.P WI 

Taking the long route “home” we swung into Ashland WI,a beautiful town with exiting buildings ,great shore line and nice murals, difficult to “catch” them with out parking cars….

Ashland WI      Ashland WI

A walk along the shore watching the boats in the harbor having our light meal was a great way to end this another GOOD day.