Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pattison S.P WI

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Our original  plan was to camp at the Pattison S.P C.G using electrical hookups, the park  has only 17 electrical sites and  by the time  I new the dates it was all reserved…but as we say “changes can be for the best” ,I have found  a C.G /Marina in Fond Du Lac MN just South of Duluth on the lake,it has full hookups,WiFi  a great view and excellent location for hiking in Pattison and Amnicon State parks .

Fond Du Lac MN       Fond Du Lac MN      Fond Du Lac MN 

We  settled down disconnected the truck  just before the rain started and we spend the whole doing things in the trailer.

We awoke to a beautiful clear but hot and humid morning as I was due for the truck service so we drove to the Ford dealership in Duluth,made an appointment for the following day and continued to Pattison S.P .

The park has a lake with a beach,spotless bathrooms/changing rooms ,picnic area and two waterfalls-Big Manitou Falls (the highest in Wisconsin) and the Little Manitou Falls (Little?? I do not think so)

                                                                                                                    Pattison S.P WI

To reach the the Big Manitou it takes only a short easy walk from the parking lot  but impossible to get to the bottom.

   Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI      Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI

To get to the Little Manitou Falls it takes a hike for 3 Miles round trip,but worth the effort.

Little Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI  This is the view from the lookout

Little Manitou Falls-Pattison S.P WI And this a shot taken after getting to the bottom.

Now at the end of summer they still look “strong” but imagine them in the Spring when they are in full swing…..

At the we saw a beautiful dragon fly that gave me a tough time ,he just did not stay still,finally my patience paid off.

Dragon Fly -Pattison S.P WI

On the way home we stopped in Wal-Mart for supplies ,my wife had a short list of things to get but we pulled out with a full trolley…does it also happens to you???

We again barley made it before it started pouring rain…I like the  arrangement  -rain during the night and clear skies during the day ,hope it stays this way.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Even without a lot of water falling they are still beautiful. Sounds like you found a great campground after missing out on the other one. That's always a great thing. Talked to Jim tonight.