Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Algoma&Stergeon Bay WI

Saturday with a good weather is a recipe for an adventurist  day trip  in the Green Bay area.

Algoma WIAlgoma WI

Just 30 Miles East on the Michigan Lake Algoma beautiful town held a street fest,with music,parade,old car show and vendors,people that familiar with this kind of event had their chairs ready and lined up along the street waiting with a 6 inch hot dog & a beer for the parade to start, it sure was a very nice one.

Algoma WIAlgoma WIAlgoma WIAlgoma WIAlgoma WI 

It was interesting to watch the  fishing boats sail  in and out of the harbor with a fresh catch and then clean the fish on the cleaning fish hut.

                                                                                                                                            Algoma WI

The weather changed several times ,heavy clouds & sun light played a colorful scene as we headed  North along the coast,I just had to stop the truck and shoot this picture,I hope you like it as much as I do.

Algoma WI

Stergeon Bay is a beautiful town connected to the main land with 2 bridges that occasionally open when a vessel has to go through,we strolled along the down town and the promenade watching the boats in the harbor while music was heard from different places .

Stergeon Bay WIStergeon Bay WIStergeon Bay WI We wrapped the day in a Mexican restaurant ,a perfect end to a perfect day.


Tire true story:

I was looking to replace my truck tires , got a quote that  I agreed to but he could get the tires in only in a week so I drove to another tire out fit and for the same tires he was asking 90US$ more per tire than the first place,I could not believe it and told him about the first quote,he picks the phone ,talks to the boss and meets the price…..he went down 90$ per tire-do you believe it???imagine the profit he makes…any how he could get them only in a few days ,so it did not work here too.

The lesson learned here is clear –shop around and save.

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John and Carol said...

We visited Door County nearly 30 years ago and enjoyed it. We didn't spend as much time as you.
Back when we owned a real house, we owned several paintings of barns. we love your barn and farm scene.