Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Little Current ON

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This small lovely community is located between the main land and Manitoulin Island ,it has a busy nice down town with shops,cafe's,restaurants and a beautiful small marina.

Little Current ON    Little Current ON

During this weekend it held many activities and our friends Nicky & Grant decided to show us around their neighbor town,the weather was great and made the day a very pleasant one.

                        Little Current ON                                                                               Little Current ON

An old car show went through the main street downtown and a juggler did a great job with his tricks for everyone's amusement. 

After dinner we went to see a Roller Skate Derby ,it was our first time to see this physical game and although the rules were explained to us it is still a mystery… one thing is for sure these girls are strong.

Little Current ON  Little Current ON   Little Current ON     Little Current ON

Great place,great weather and great company,what else we can ask for,,,,

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