Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Odanah area Wisconsin

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We moved from Eagle River to Odanah WI planning to stay  4 days to explore and hike to some falls ,visit Ashland  and take a cruise to the Apostle Islands .

To make the most of it we were on the road at 9AM and got to the Bad River Lodge  Casino in Odanah after two and a half hours making a very nice stop along the river on the way .

The casino has 17 RV spots with 30\50 amps and water hook ups,there is also a central dump station,after a short check -in at the tobacco  store we were given a password for the WiFi and a pass to the swimming pool-all that for 20$.

It was hot and humid so we turned the A/C on to cool off before  lunch and suddenly without any notice the sky became black and it started to pour like from a bucket,here goes my plan (I thought) to hike to the Potato Falls located just 15 Miles from the C.G,but in no time as we finished our meal the whole thing was over and we were on the way to Potato Falls.

From “Street & Trips” software I took the coordinates and around 4PM we were at what seemed to be the Trail Head,I say “seemed” as there were no signs,no trail map and no one to ask but we could hear the Waterfall so we searched around and found a blue sign on one of the trees ,we followed it for a short while although it seemed that the path was not used recently but we got to a viewing point and  what we saw was very rewording .

Potato Falls Gurney WI

We looked around and found a path and later wooden stairs  that took us down towards the river,after the rain it was wet and slippery but we made it slowly down to get the full view of this beautiful falls and rocks .

Potato Falls Gurney WI         Potato Falls Gurney WI

The rock bed was created by lava many years ago ,we could walk on them and enjoy the cool water and colors.

Potato Falls Gurney WI


Potato Falls Gurney WI     Potato Falls Gurney WI

Dedicated to Jim & Sandie.

I like it when my plan works….

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Jim and Sandie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Definitely worth your effort to find the falls.