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Our Rig

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lewiston CA

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Trinity County is a county located in the northwestern portion of the U.S. state of California. As of the 2010 census, the population was 13,786, making it the fourth-least populous county in California. The county seatand largest community is Weaverville.

Trinity County is rugged, mountainous, heavily forested, and lies along the Trinity River within the Salmon/Klamath Mountains. The county has no traffic lights, no freeways, no parking meters, and no incorporated cities. It did not have a chain store or restaurant until 1999, when Burger King, Movie Gallery(closed), Longs Drugs (now CVS/pharmacy), and Subway opened for business. Weaverville, the county seat, has the distinction of housing some of California's oldest buildings. The courthouse, built in 1856, is the second oldest in the state, and the Weaverville Drug Store has been filling prescriptions since 1852. The Joss House is an historic Taoist temple built in 1873.


After reading about the Trinity County there was no way we are going to pass through to the coast from Redding without visiting the area and decided to spend some time there to visit old towns, lakes and hike to waterfalls

The ability to change plans as we go makes it all great....

We located a small C.G near the river in Lewiston with full hookups, internet a great host and settled for 3 nights, we could even pick up black berrie’s from the place.

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In the next few days we hiked to Whisky Falls, a 3 Mile easy hike to a beautiful deserted waterfall with a small pool benith.

P1000838 P1000839

Attended a Symphony on the beach at Brandy Creek Beach with outstanding surroundings, some poeple directly from the lake  with bathing suites …

P1000840  P1000841P1000842    P1000843

Had time to visit an old car show in Weaverville (the County Seat), stroll the Main drag mainly with bars,old buildings, museum and a theater.

P1000816  P1000817P1000818 P1000821

Have no idea how the star of David of D.B (Dodge Brothers) works together with the “kosher” pig….


Lewiston is a small old village with an attractive small corners at the center, such as the Village Store that has it all…

P1000829 P1000830P1000831 P1000832

The bus fast food “restaurant “


The Village Library

P1000835 P1000836

It was a very short visit as Trinity has a huge wilderness area where one can camp,ride a horse ,take a boat ride,go fishing and all this in a beautiful nature.

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Maybe next time….

Friday, August 19, 2016

Lake Shasta Caverns CA


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Discovering the caverns

Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark is one of three known caverns in Shasta County. Our beds originated 250 million years ago when the earth was subjected to the folding of its crust. Ultimately, this created the Klamath Mountains.

The caverns were part of life for the Wintu Indians, who lived in the area. In the 1870s, a fish hatchery and small town were built on the McCloud River and the cave was named Baird Cave.

A hatchery employee, J.A. Richardson, officially discovered the caverns in 1878. Since 1964, they have been opened as a natural attraction to the public.

From tiny cave coral and gravity defying helicities, to magnificent cave drapery, there is so much to see!

From Redding just 20 minutes drive to Lake Shasta Caverns  , park the car on a free parking lot where a boat will take you across one of the canals of Lake Shasta .


It is a short crossing on calm waters and a pleasant one.

On the other side a mini bus will take people up a very curly and steep road to the Caverns entrance, (sit on the right side to see the beautiful views).

The guided Caverns tour takes about 45 minutes and has some climbing paths and steps.

The temrature is around 70F ( much better than 110F outside) so there is  no need to take a jacket or long pants.

The Caverns are beautiful with big and high rooms with lots of mineral activities.

The whole tour including the boat and bus is 26$ for and adult.


The whole Shasta River is a hug palyground to hikers, photographers,campers,fisherman,boater and nature lovers-what a great place.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial S.P CA

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The park is within the Cascade Range and Modoc Plateau natural region, with forest and five miles of streamside and lake shoreline, including a portion of Lake Britton.
The park's centerpiece is the 129-foot Burney Falls, which is not the highest or largest waterfall in the state, but possibly the most beautiful. Additional water comes from springs, joining to create a mist-filled basin. Burney Creek originates from the park's underground springs and flows to Lake Britton, getting larger along the way to the majestic falls.
The park's landscape was created by volcanic activity as well as erosion from weather and streams. This volcanic region is surrounded by mountain peaks and is covered by black volcanic rock, or basalt. Created over a million years ago, the layered, porous basalt retains rainwater and snow melt, which forms a large underground reservoir.
Within the park, the water emerges as springs at and above Burney Falls, where it flows at 100 million gallons every day.
Burney Falls was named after pioneer settler Samuel Burney who lived in the area in the 1850s. The McArthurs were pioneer settlers who arrived in the late 1800s. Descendants were responsible for saving the waterfall and nearby land from development. They bought the property and gave it to the state as a gift in the 1920s.(qoute )

During the years we hiked and visited many waterfalls ,mostly in the summer and I can surly say that this one is in the top 3.

The flow, the width and roaring of this fall is outstanding ,we hiked to the bottom and took the loop trail around the falls and at any angle it looked just fantastic, the vegetation around the falls only added to the whole picture.

P1000800P1000801 P1000802P1000803P1000804P1000805P1000808P1000809

The water was ice cold and after 2 minutes my feet got num from the cold water and it was hard to feel the end of my fingers….

We could sit listen and look at this fenomina for hours but the stomach was ready for our picnic near the lake that has a boat lunch,beach , picnic tables and suprisely with only few people around.


On the way “home” very close to our C.G we noticed a sighn saying “Bar-Cold beers”, so we enterd the place had a few cold ones, made new friends and attended a pool competition, I got to the semi finals and that was the end of another great day.


Nothing is better than to do what you want,when you want….

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

5 nights and 4 days in Lassen Volcanic N.P

Lassen Volcanic N.P illustrates earth’s powerfull forces.Every rock originated from volcanoes and all four types-shield,composite,cinder cone and plug dome-can be found here.

The park is one of the larges plug volcanoes in the world.Its last eruptions were between 1914 and 1921.

It is a beautiful park with great vistas,alpine lakes,meadows ,creater and fantastic hikes, there is NO gas station in a radious of 40 miles…..so be prepaired.

As we planned to explore the park for 4 full days we chose a C.G in Mineral just 9 miles away from the South entrance to the park, it had full hook ups ,great sites but no internet and bad reception.

The fees to enter the park is $20 for 7 days unless for senior citizens holding Golden Eagle pass or similar .

P1000605 P1000607

On the first day we chose to hike Mill Creek Falls and Kings Creek Falls each one 3 Miles round trip.

P1000618 P1000619

Mill Creek falls hike is concedered to be moderate but there are some steep parts along the way.

As we hiked along the trail we met a hiker on his way back ,so we asked him is the falls are impressive ,his answer surprised us " I have hiked another mile from here and there is no falls...good luck to you" he said. Well what does one do after such and answer? we thought a minute and just went on for another 10 minutes and saw what the hiker missed-this high beautiful waterfall.

The Kings Creek waterfall is more difficult hike but never the less worth going to.

 P1000650 P1000651

On the way back we stoped to have a picnic near Lake Helen just near Emerald lake .


On and to the hikes we passed outstanding view points and it was hard to make a curve without taking a peek at the scenery, amazingly the park was not crowded even during the weekend .

P1000600P1000631 P1000634

On the 2nd we hiked the Cinder Cone ,a 4 Mile round trip the top of the volcano, but to get to the trail head we had to take a long drive around the East side of the park through Chester .

The way up is very steep and the surface is soft , so each step you make you slide a bit down...that makes it even more diffucult.


It took us an hour and a half to reach the top and that is what we saw when we got there- it was worth every step going up with no shade at all.

P1000667 P1000670P1000673P1000675P1000685

P1000687 P1000691

Breathtaking scenery ,some looks like painting- the way down took us only 20 minutes…


At the North Entrance to the park there is a beautiful Manzanita lake ,a campground and a visitor center.

It took us 2 hours to drive through the whole park to reach the lake with some stops on the way.



There are many hikes in the park and one can spend many days covering them all but we chose on the last day to hike to Bumpass Hell , a short hike of 2 Miles to an area full of boiling mudpots,steaming grounds and sulfurous gases, reminding in a way the Yellowstone N.P but this one is much more concentrated.


How about cooling the beer in mid August at 8400 ‘??? excellent spot to cool off after a long hike.


We are leaving this amazing park with a promise to come again…