Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

End of our 17th RV trip

It is hard to believe that we are ending our 17th RV summer trip, there is a saying “when you are doing what you like,time fly's” , OK got it -but so fast...

This year we started from Spokane WA, where we left the rig at the end of 2017 summer trip, and it was a year that our 4th granddaughter turned 12 ,so following our family tradition we took her with us for one month as we did with the grand-kids before her .


Each year we choose 1-2 States and explore it thoroughly, hiking to view points and waterfalls,driving scenic routes,attending culture and musical events and meeting people, this year it was mainly Idaho , it is not only a potato State ..it has beautiful nature,mountains,lakes,waterfalls ,exactly our cup of tea, see previous posts .

As we “covered” over the 17 years Canada and most of the US we decided to explore Texas in 2019, so we looked to end the trip near an International Airport close to North Texas.

In 2014 we where invited by Lonnie & Hazel to visit them in Oklahoma, Lonnie is the most decorated Comanche in the US Air Force and we were very glad to make it happen.


So I contacted Lonnie that was glad to meet us again and store the rig for us during the winter, this way we will see each other again in summer 2019.


We made our way from Idaho to Oklahoma slowly visiting old friends and new ones we made in Colorado and New Mexico enjoying the freedom ,nature and friendship.

In Boulder Colorado we celebrated our Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) with family, in New Mexico we meet again with Googie after 12 years , it was amazing.

During our 5 day stay in Oklahoma getting the rig ready for the winter we also managed to attend Kiowa Black Leggings Warrior Society Ceremony, a beautiful,colorful and stronge performance of the tribe.


I got a permission from the Chief to take pictures but no videos.


We are very grateful to our friends that we meet along this long journey they all enriched our lives, some by helping,

some by listening and some by just being there to share time with us.

See Ya all in our 2019 Summer RV trip not before we fly to visit another exotic place during the early 2019 (without the trailer), life is too short and everyday that passes NEVER comes back.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Amarillo Texas

It was to much a drive from Datil N.M to the storage place in Anadarko Oklahoma ,having the time we divided the stretch every 300 Miles , our fist stop was in Vaughn N.M ,a small deserted village with few motels and C.G , we were quite surprised that the full price for one night was $40 , we payed only $20 for one night with 50% discount being Passport America members, no bathrooms but with full hook ups and Wifi.

We did not disconnect the truck and on the next morning chose to stop at Amarillo TX for 2 nights.

Years ago we hiked in the Palo Duro Canyon S.P https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/palo-duro-canyon and therefore looked to visit other attractions .

In the next morning we drove to the Historic 66 Hwy in down town Amarillo to watch the Annual Motorcycle Rally .


After celebrating Xmass in September with some bikers from Florida we headed to see a field of Cadillac's buried in the ground.... it was colorful and made me think -what came into the head of the guy that actually took a number of Cadillacs ,dug holes in the ground and buried them one next to the other...but it was very unusual and I like unusual..


By now we became hungry and what is a better place to go than the Big Texan Steak Ranch and Brewery...it is a huge establishment ,motel,restaurant,playground where they offer 72 once steak for FREE is one person can eat it in an hour... I did not go for it just did not want to get used to eat like that....


Not bad for one day….

Friday, September 28, 2018

Why did I came back to Datil New Mexico

This our 17th summer rving in North America and the first or second time going to a place we were before, there were beautiful places we wanted to see again but were always curious to explore new to us ones, that's our “gypsy “ soul...

Here is a short version story explaining why we made a huge detour to come again to Datil.

It all started in 2005,we were on the way to Carlsbad Caverns and stopped on the way for the night but some how did not liked the place and continued on till we arrived to Datil Gas station and RV C.G.

As I am making my way to the gas station to pay the fee for the C.G I felt a tap on my shoulder and a “Cowboy” asked me if the writing on my T shirt is in Jewish, “It is Hebrew the language we speak in Israel “ I said.

The guy was so surprised that we are from Israel and pointed to his son that was in the pick up that recognized the letters from his Bible classes.

This was to much for us ,so we asked them to come over to the trailer and chat , the son (Joshua) could not make it because his wife and kids were waiting for him in the SUKAH (a Jewish Holiday) but the Father (Gugie) came over with a six pack.

Shula made dinner and we had a long talk into the night where we found out that his mother was Jewish and therefore he is Jewish (Accordingly to Jewish tradition if your MOTHER is Jewish the children are Jewish) , he married to a non Jewish women so his children aren't Jewish but he feels and follows with his family the Jewish tradition and was very happy to meet for his first time someone from the Holy Land.

Before we parted he took off from his hand an Indian bracelet with a watch and puts it on my hand pointing out that there is a “D” curved on it and says” The “D” is Danny and God told me that I will meet you,you are my brother from Israel” ,nothing I did made him take the bracelet back.


(Gugie is the one with the ring on his hand.)

It was very emotional,touching and spiritual evening.

The next morning he,his son,wife and 2 kids came to say good buy not before we gave them some Charmes  from Jerusalem, which they showed us as we meet again in 2018.

Since then I called Gugie every time we come over (he has no Internet address or a smart phone..) but lately he changed his phone number and we could not get hold of him.

This year I decided that I have to find him and after many calls,internet searching and phone directory books that lead to nowhere I finally called the Gas Station in Datil ,where we meet in 2005 and got a telephone of one of his sons, from there it was easy, we finally meet after 13 years and had a great 3 days together.

We meet almost all his family ,kids ,grand kids and great grand kids .

It was again emotional ,rewarding and difficult to say goodbyes..

Here are some pictures from our “get together” after 13 years...


I have to add that all this event could easily happen with anyone and it has nothing to do with his believes, but it happened only because his son recognized the Hebrew letters on the back of my T shirt....Faith??? ,It had to Happen?? Why did we chose this C.G  or have this T shirt on and why did he have “D” on the bracket? .

Believe what you want it was an outstanding experience for all of us.

Monday, September 24, 2018

High Land Alpaca Ranch N.M

John and Carolyn run High Country Alpaca Ranch located on junction of Hwy 117 & Hwy 36 N.M


They are great people that enjoy their life in this remote ,tranquil place, they offer cabins, few RV spots ,Store that sells fleece products and Alpaca farm to watch, there are also have watch dogs and eggs from chicken rooming around.


John and Carolyn immediately let us feel at home so it was totally natural for us to do some work on the ranch and after splitting wood (see my previous post) collecting Alpaca poop seems like a kids game...”cheep labour”….


Take Hwy 117 from Grants to see unusual rock formation and one of the largest Arch in N.M, the light ,colors and rock are so beautiful that you have to stop often to take it all in.


Very few cars are seen on Hwy 117 , so my morning walk on the Hwy was like walking on a hike and I could not resist taking these shots of the road side when the first sun beams hit the ground.


In one world “I Love IT”…..