Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rosh Hashana(Jewish New Year) in Toronto

Before heading home we visited our son and his family in Toronto and celebrated with them our New Year.


Click on the link above to read about the Holyday ,the tradition and its significant.

Toronto  Toronto




The round bread-so the year will be “round” and smooth with no sharp corners.

The apple and honey-so it will be sweet.

The Pomegranate-so the year will be full of good deeds.

The wine-for blessings.

Happy Jewish New Year to every one wherever you are.

Friday, September 19, 2014

End of our 13th RV trip

My wife and I started RVing in North America in 2002 only after renting a small motorhome in Italy,Norway and New Zealand (three different trips) ,just to make sure we can “live” 24/7 together and if we both like to RV,well it all went great, so in 2002 we purchase an used 1999 5W and a F-250 7.3LT 1994 ,used it for 4 years and traded them both in 2006 for the rig we own now,since then we RV every summer for 4-5 months each trip to different States/Provinces always starting from the same place we ended the trip in the year before.

Hwy 49 MO-Refulling stop...

our trips can be seen on our blog www.danyshula.blogspot.com

Few days ago ,at the end of our 13th RV trip we stored our rig for the winter  and are ready to fly home till next Spring.

This year we started near St.Louis MO and ended in Salida CO


We love nature ,hiking,waterfalls,history and especially meeting people and  we try to “hit” the main points and do all these things we love on every trip.

Here is a short summery of our another fantastic experience:

We meet Rick & Pat in a Crossroads RV rally few years ago ,they kindly helped us store the rig at the end of our 2013 trip near St Louis and get an easy start in 2014,great folks ,it was a pleasure meeting and sharing time with them,it sure would be much more difficult with their help.

  Camping near Waterloo IL Shula,Rick & Pat St . Louis

Sam & Donna were perfect hosts at the beginning of our trip in Missouri ,we parked in their driveway and had 2 wonderful days together,and as you can see mostly eating….including Sam’s famous pizza.

Sam's Home made Pizza O'Fallon MO

In Jefferson we went to visit the Governor's mansion house and meet Roberta that was our tour guide ,a wonderful lady  that insisted that we meet later on at her house to meet Robert her husband and although it was a very short visit we shared lovely hours together.

Jefferson MO Capitol  Jefferson MO

We meet Paula years ago while hiking in the Tetons and stayed in touch since then,it was very nice when she drove all the way from Kansas City to visit us on the 4th of July when we camped in Bennet Springs S.P MO.

Bennett Springs S.P MO  Bennett Springs S.P MO


Missouri ,Arkansas,Oklahoma,N.Texas and Colorado provided endless Rv camping opportunities,mostly near a lake ,river or in a central location for us to do some side trips.

Oachita Lake AR  Little Rock ARBeaver Lake C.O.E C.G  Beaver Lake C.O.E C.GBeaver Lake C.O.E C.G 

We hiked,

Mount Nebo S.P AR  Sugar Loaf Mountain AR

Palo Duro Canyon S.P TXPalo Duro Canyon S.P TXMount Magazine ARMount Nebo S.P ARPetit Jean S.P AR


Meramac River MO

Attended special events

Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR  Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR

Went to shows

Branson MO  Branson MO

Did ATV trips

Salida CO   Salida CO

Volunteered to put a cement floor for a friend.

Salida CO   Salida CO

In Oklahoma city we meet Claire that showed us around  ,we really appreciate Claire taking the time from her business to be with us –Thanks.

Oklahoma City  Oklahoma City

Lonnie&Hazel  from Anadarko OK  completely strangers to us answered a post on a RV forum and asked us to stop at their place for a while as they are interested to hear about our tradition,we jumped on the opportunity and for sure stopped to meet this great couple,Lonnie is the most decorated Comanche in the US Military and Hazel is a British born that plays on keys in the  church,I learned so much about the First Nation People –Thank you Lonnie& Hazel,it was a honour spending time with you.

Anadarko OK   Anadarko OKAnadarko OK   P1100226


Marvin& Linda ,friends we meet years ago in Vermont were on there way from Colorado to Texas while we were driving the same route but on the opposite direction , so made a point to meet next to Palo Doru Canyon next to Amarillo and spend 2 great days.

Paulo Duro Canyon S.P TX  Palo Duro Canyon S.P TX

We meet Lynn&Jackie during a hike 9 years ago for maybe only 2 hours and we just “clicked” stayed in touch through the e-mail (bless this tech) and finally meet  in Salida Colorado.They offered us to store the rig at their place and made everything to make us feel at home,including taking us all the way to Denver to catch our flight.We do not have enough words to thank them for their generosity.

Salida CO  Salida CO



We love Rving,hiking and seeing the grass grow….but meeting people that we can call them friends is the sherry on the cake,it enriched our lives , we are very thankful and happy –may our paths cross again.

This is a short version of what we experienced and felt along this journey and I do not know enough English to put in words these “miracles” ,WE ARE LIVING OUR DREAMS ….

On the way home we stopped in Toronto to visit our son,wife and our grand daughter

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A day trip from Salida to Leadville Colorado

Map picture

This is the time of the year when the sky is crispy clear,the colors are changing to yellow and reddish and it is time to  take along the Arkansas River between Salida and Leadville while high mountains are escorting us all the way.

Buena Vista CO

The fist stop was in Buena Vista,a small beautiful town just 45Milles North of Salida on Hwy 24,Arkansas River runs along the East side of the town adding a special touch the place,many hiking trails are located on both sides of the river to hikers and bicycle riders.

Buena Vista CO

Buena Vista CO

The down town has many shops,restaurants,coffee shops and parking is not a problem

Buena Vista CO Buena Vista COBuena Vista CO

Leaving this relaxing,clean,almost asleep town we drove North along Arkansas River  to Twin Lakes located on Hwy 82 just of Hwy 24.

The lakes are surrounded by mountain peaks some reaching 14450 feet and now changing color to yellow and some have snow on the top,this combination makes the scenery just perfect.

Twin Lakes CO Twin Lakes COTwin Lakes CO Twin Lakes CO

And it sure was a great place for a picnic, it was so quite and peaceful with no one around that a plane passing by made a “huge” noise.

Twin Lakes CO

An old mining town of Leadville was a pleasant surprise,it had nice main drag,with beautiful old and colourful buildings ,nice shops all surrounded by high mountain range what led the place to be a tourist attraction and a starting point for hikers,hunters and mountain lovers.

Leadville COLeadville CO   Leadville CO

After having an espresso and an ice cream in a local coffee shop we strolled the main street when suddenly we came upon this sign

Leadville CO

so we immediately made our way to the place and were very happy to find it open.

This Temple is the only building of its kind West of the Mississippi River-both as a restored pioneer synagogue and as a home to a permanent museum exhibition documenting an oft-overlook piece of U.S. history.It was built in 1884 when the community had grown due to the discovery of silver in the area.

Leadville CO Leadville CO      Leadville COLeadville CO

To day the synagogue does not have any services, it is kept very well as a museum and the visits a free, not often we come across an old synagogue like this ,so it was very interesting and nice to see this historic temple.

Well,it seems that it is our last day of traveling for this season, tomorrow will be all about packing,cleaning and getting ready to fly out on the day after.

It was another great summer,we made new friends,meet old friends,hiked a lot and enjoyed very minute.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and leave remarks on my blog.

See you all next summer.