Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, September 12, 2014

ATV day trip

It did not take a lot of arm twisting to except Lynn’s offer to do an ATV trip in the mountain range near their house.

It was a perfect weather ,sunny,cool with no wind and good visibility,so while Lynn and I took a ride with a trailer to pick the second ATV from his son’s place the girls prepared a picnic basket for the road.

Salida CO  Salida CO

Every road in this area is a scenic road but driving of the beaten path is breath taking ,my English is not good enough to describe our feelings while driving the ATV in the mountains with the sun and the light breeze on our faces…

Salida COSalida COSalida COSalida CO

Wow, people actually live like this …wake up in the morning and take a drive through this kind of nature in a matter of minutes from home….what a great gift for those who know to take advantage and enjoy the opportunity.

After a while I got the “feeling” of this powerful ATV ,relaxed enjoying the ride ,we stopped at few view points to take picture and give the drivers the opportunity to see the panoramic “picture” at full.

Salida CO Salida COSalida CO Salida CO

The sun and the driving made us hungry ,so we found a good spot next to a creek to have our picnic , the whole trip for us was like taken from a movie set and we tried to take it slow as if to make this experience last as much as possible.

Salida COSalida CO

Lynn and Jackie made every effort to make our stay unforgettable and they sure succeeded to do so.

Just before the last sun beams hit the ground we celebrated this fantastic day on the porch with Beaw(their beloved dog) and margaritas wishing it will never end.

Salida CO

Every day is the first day of the rest of our lives,live it in full as a minute that passed will never come back again.


Jim and Sandie said...

We've never taken an ATV ride through the mountains so I really really enjoyed yours. Breath taking views and new good friends. Definitely a wonderful day.

Karen and Tony said...

Ahhh... beautiful, beautiful Colorado! There isn't another place like it. Looks like you having a great time!

Claire Kennedy said...

Yeah, the countryside is a great, great treat for those who take it in. I call nature the great restorer. No matter how busy my life gets, or how full or how mind-boggling, nature always brings me back to a more right state of mind! I never get bored of it, and I'm always ready to go out again!

Donna W. said...

wow look at those smiles. pics are breath taking. Colorado is beautiful. the Springs is one of my all time favorite places. So glad you are having just a great time