Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Helping to put a cement floor for a friend

On the next morning the plan was to take another ATV ride to a different place to see some more of the Colorado mountain beautiful vistas,but as we were getting ready Lynn got a call to come to help to put a cement floor for a garage.

Rick & Connie Missionaries from Poncha Springs are building a garage to serve the community and do some car repairs for free , you bring the parts and Rick will do the work (what a guy),the garage floor was to be cemented and some help was needed.

Lynn & I drove down there leaving the girls at home to prepare dinner and joined other volunteers .

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Needles to say that I have never done this kind of work but was happy to be a part of it,I meet great people that came together for a cause and even though we had to be on an ATV trip, I had a great time .

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After the work of the day was done we were all invited by Connie to a long table to grab a plate and fill it with goodies that were served.

Despite a pain in my back from “hard labour” I felt like a part of the group that gives back to the community (even if it it is not mine),and it is a good feeling- an ATV ride can be done in another day….

IMG_5863  IMG_5865IMG_5879  IMG_5887

It was great to see how people and kids come together from all over the place to help,one had to drive 10 hours one way….

Thank you Rick and Connie for this experience.


Jim and Sandie said...

Service to others is the most rewarding feeling ever. Especially when it is for such a wonderful cause. Hope the back feels better tomorrow.

Donna W. said...

people are basically good and kind., too bad the bad ones are the ones we hear so much about. somehow I dont see any member of ISIS doing something like this to help make a better world. Way to go Daniel.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good Job Danny, I remember years ago helping a fellow cop pour a garage floor, it was tough work even then when I was younger.All of life's good deeds will someday be rewarded in the Kingdom Of Heaven.