Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Salida Colorado

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At the same afternoon that we finished our hike in Palo Duro TX the winter appeared….one minute it was hot and dry and on the other wet and cool,it rained cats and dogs creating large water paddles around our trailer that made it difficult to move ,the special soil in this area could not observe the quantity of water falling from the sky-it was time to move on.

As we got closer to Colorado the blue skies appeared revealing the mountains with clouds at their tops

Salida CO 

A huge change of the flat scenery we just came from.

We made a few stops along the  scenic route that ran along the Arkansas River before reaching Salida CO.

Salida CO Salida CO

Salida is a home to Lynn & Jackie ,people we meet 9 years ago for maybe not more than an hour while hiking near Crested Butte CO ,but stayed in touch through the years hoping our ways will cross again.

They kindly invited us to visit them and store our rig at their place for the winter,from the first minute they made us feel home with their warm hospitality.

Salida CO

It was a great long evening with food and a lot of catching up .

Salida is a small beautiful town nestled between high mountains all around it and when the weather is good the scenery is just great.

Salida CO       Salida COSalida CO      Salida CO

It is a friendly town, even the buck feels at home….

I might be repeating myself here but meeting friends as Lynn & Jackie on the way is enriching us as we travel through this great country enjoying the nature ,wild life and the people.

Getting the rig into the place was a bit challenging but we made it with no harm done,it will be the home for the rig till we pick it up in Spring 2015 what will give us an opportunity to meet with our friends again.

Salida CO Salida CO


Claire Kennedy said...

That pie looks really good! Have a safe trip home.

Jim and Sandie said...

What a beautiful place to leave your home away from home until you can return. I've once again enjoyed your gorgeous pictures and your wonderful hikes. Safe travels home.

paulakitt said...

So happy your summer adventure included good friends, interesting places, reasonable weather, and safe travel. Now before you return to Israel via Canada, how can I convince you to join me for 2 weeks in Australia next month? :-)
Stay in touch.
cheers and blessings...

Donna W. said...

have truly enjoyed meeting you both and following your journey, be safe in your travels home. will continue to follow maybe we will meet again next year