Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, September 28, 2009

Letchworth State Park NY.

Map picture

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Called the “Grand Canyon of NY state” this magnificent State Park in it a huge gorge,3 impressive waterfalls,56miles of trails,campground,hotel,restaurants ,swimming pool and many view overlooks .

You can spend a day ,2 or maybe 3 days exploring this park by foot or by car and enjoy the foliage colors ,swim in the pool or hike next to the falls getting sprayed from the long fall waters to the bottom of the gorge.

Letchworth S.P NY Letchworth S.P NY Letchworth S.P NY Letchworth S.P NY Letchworth S.P NY Angelica NY

Again we were taken by this natural powers,some say you saw a waterfall why go for another one? well it is not the same it will always be different in one way or another.

These waterfalls will conclude our hikes to see more but we left the one and only for the end-NIAGARA.

This year we have hiked to many waterfalls,gorges and lakes and they all are different from one another,and if we see them again we will still have the same thrill as we had on the first visit.

Demons Lake ,Seneca Lake & Watkins Glen S.P NY

Map picture

We have located a campground in a hidden corner of the Finger Lakes area on a small lake called Demons Lake .

The Campground itself is nothing to write home about although it has the necessary things to keep RVer,s happy,such as electricity ,water and sewer connections,but the whole place needs attention and care.

Putting this aside the location of the campground for side trips is great ,the small lake is fabulous,sitting on a bench at twilight time with a margarita in the hand seeing the red reflections in the calm waters from the trees that are getting the reddish colors is feeling that my poor English can not describe-So I am posting some pictures for the ones that want to try to understand what we are experiencing.

Dammon Lake NY Dammon Lake NY Dammon Lake NY Dammon Lake NY

On the following day we took a ride to Watkins Glen State Park and hiked the gorge.

I have a weakness for nature powers in general and especially for waterfalls,it is hard to explain and I do not know if I need to explain this urge to do what it takes to see another waterfall and another one,they always give me the same overwhelming feeling facing them.

No matter how long we have to hike,and how tough it is ,we know that at the end of the track we will be rewarded.

To complete this fantastic day (by the way everyday is fantastic)we visited few wineries that are spread along the beautiful Seneca Lake with its outstanding views.

Senaca Lake NY

Senaca Lake winery NY Hammonsport NY


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finger Lakes NY area

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Finger Lakes are located in the central of Upstate NY and obviously are called so because of their shape –long and narrow.

This are is known as the Wine cellar of NY and of its dramatic landscape mainly gorges and waterfalls.

In one gorge I counted 12 waterfalls walking just 2 miles,some of the scenery reminds places from S.America,the gorge high walls are covered with vegetation and some rock formation look like an architectural work.

IMG_1677 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1676

Entering this S.P you only have to drive a short distance from a big city like Ithaca and suddenly in a minutes you feel like entering another world .

When walking at the bottom of the of the gorge every turn opens a new window to unbelievable sight ,and although the water flow was not strong like in the Autumn still the power of nature is remarkable.

The sound of the waterfalls and the smells of wet wood and moss adds to the whole picture and brings a special atmosphere to the place.

I wish I could bring some sounds and smells from this place as pictures alone are diminishing this extra ordinary place.

Chittenango S.P NY Chittenango S.P NY

Autumn colors are starting to show and one can only imagine how this place looks in full foliage.

Chittenango S.P NY Chittenango S.P NY

Taughannock S.P NY Taughannock S.P NY

Rosh Hashana the Jewish New Year was on 18 September and after a great day in the nature hiking the waterfalls we had our Holiday dinner in our trailer at this table .

Rosh Hashana

Friday, September 11, 2009

1000 Islands Boltd Castle

We left the Adirondack mountains area and settled down in Alexandria Bay NY close to the Saint Lawrence River that is a boarder between NYC USA and Quebec Canada.

This area is all about Marine Life,boats,cruises,fishing,jet skies and of course the 1000 Islands and on one of then lays the Boldt Castle.

This Castle was built by George Boldt that started his life in USA after arriving from Prussia as a kid with a $ in his pocket, he worked in a restaurant and made his way up till he became an owner of Waldorf Astoria .

Opposite the Castle Island and on another Island Mr.Boldt had built his boat house that is a remarkable building by itself ,it contained a 3 door boat enters high enough to accommodate a high mast and an apartment for the boat keeper.

He built his Castle on this Island ,but his wife unexpected death made him stop the works and it started to fall apart till purchased by the Bridge company of the state.

Now it is a beautiful museum mostly visited.

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Driving along the Lawrence River many small Island can be seen,some of them “one house Island” what a get away place whenever you want to get away from it all.

1000 Islands NY

We found a close by Campground left the trailer there and explored the area only with the truck which makes things easier.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ausable Chasm NY

Not far West from Lake Champlain lays an outstanding gorge-Ausable Chasm.

Entering the gorge it looks like many other very nice gorges we have already visited ,but after few minutes when the full range of view opened to us we were here for a big surprise.


2 miles hike ,some times on walking wooden boards and some times on track covered with leaves brought us to view points revelling the most beautiful sceneries ,high rocks,pillars,hanging trees and rushing strong current below and all this in blue bright skies-what can one ask for more…

Check- www.ausablechasm.com it is one of the MUST places to visit.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Adirondack area Upstate NY

Map picture

After one month in Vermont we felt that it is the time to cross to Upstate NY,we have hiked the peaks,drove the scenic ways and enjoyed green lashing valleys and will remember this period for its good opportunities.

The ferry took us straight from South Heron VT to Upstate NY and in no time we felt that the scenery changed ,the mountain range felt further away and you could see far as your eyes will allow there was nothing in the way.

Ferry from VT to UpState NYC Ferry from VT to UpState NYC Ferry from VT to UpState NYC Ferry from VT to UpState NYC

After getting ourselves comfortable in a campground in Wilmington we took off were to the peak of White Face Mt.,short drive and a hike took us to the top, and wooow what a view,mountain range,Montreal,Lake Placid,Mirror Lake and many more lakes and streams all at one glance,hard to get it all in…

White Face Mt Upstate NY Whit Face Mt Upstate NY Lake Placid Upstate NY Lake Placid Upstate NY

Well after seeing Lake Placid from the peak of the Whiteface Mt. we took a trip to see Placid Lake,Mirror Lake and the area.

The small towns are haven for tourist that come over to have a peaceful holiday,the place is full of restaurants ,pubs,shops,lake activity and many hotels.

Lake Placid Area Lake Placid Area Lake Placid Area Lake Placid Area

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The nature is vast and the beautiful lake is surrounded with high range of mountains,just look up and enjoy the view.

A beautiful gorge is just around around the corner,deep with rushing waters with wooden bridges to walk on and get the right view of the falls.

It seems that it is impossible to find a dry land wherever you look there is a lake a pond or falls..

And the Autumn colors start to show.

Lake Placid Area

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lake Champlain VT

The biggest water body in North America after the “Big Lakes” is Lake Champlain that separates Vermont from Up State NY.

Map picture

In the middle of the lake there are serial of Islands and most of them are connected by bridges this is where we decided to Camp during the next 4 days.

Lake Champlain VT Lake Champlain VT Lake Champlain VT Lake Champlain VT

Camping in this C.G allows us to see the beautiful Lake from a close distance,I especially like the early morning and the sunset when the last sun beams play on the water and light the boats that are rocking on the waves,take a chair and just sit looking East and try to remember that this is for real.Lake Champlain VT

The Island are mainly agriculture land ,you can visit a farm or stop next to a “farm stand” and get some fruits & vegetables fresh from the farmer,many leave their stand with prices on the items-just chose and leave the right amount in the bucket,kind of naive way back nice system.

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I have told my friends Rod&Ruth that the only thing that is missing from this picture is them with their RV next to ours.

There are good days and better days….

 IMG_1480 IMG_1481

We took a stroll Burlington, a charming town on the lake,it hosts a building of 11 floors and conceders to be the “skyscraper” of Vermont..

Burlington VT Burlington VT

BTW VERMONT is made from 2 French words VER and MONT ,in English Green Mountain,

We meet two guys in the park playing theirBurlington guitars and relaxed listening to them play and sing,we enjoyed it.

The coffee shops and the bars on the waterfront were inviting so we had some drinks facing the lake having the sun warm us up,when trying to get up Shula got soft knees from the Margaritas and had to lean on me and lay down for a while-it was fun.

Burlington VT Lake Champlain VT


We took a buffet Cruise on the Lake ,the water was calm,sun shining and we are on the deck with some drinks enjoying the scenery of this large “CHAPM” as the locals call it.

During our reservation process the details were lost and therefore we got a FREE ride-nice…

 IMG_1504 IMG_1506 IMG_1508 IMG_1510

             Malletts Bay VT

South of Burlington in Shelburne is the largest outdoors Museum in the state,many historic buildings,first steam ship on the lake,painting collections and many more.

We spent a whole day rooming this place and went many years back…

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On the way back we drove through the marina and coastline of Shelburne and got caught by the beauty of the place.

IMG_1526 IMG_1527

Tomorrow we are crossing to Up State NY after a great month in this beautiful state.