Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, September 11, 2009

1000 Islands Boltd Castle

We left the Adirondack mountains area and settled down in Alexandria Bay NY close to the Saint Lawrence River that is a boarder between NYC USA and Quebec Canada.

This area is all about Marine Life,boats,cruises,fishing,jet skies and of course the 1000 Islands and on one of then lays the Boldt Castle.

This Castle was built by George Boldt that started his life in USA after arriving from Prussia as a kid with a $ in his pocket, he worked in a restaurant and made his way up till he became an owner of Waldorf Astoria .

Opposite the Castle Island and on another Island Mr.Boldt had built his boat house that is a remarkable building by itself ,it contained a 3 door boat enters high enough to accommodate a high mast and an apartment for the boat keeper.

He built his Castle on this Island ,but his wife unexpected death made him stop the works and it started to fall apart till purchased by the Bridge company of the state.

Now it is a beautiful museum mostly visited.

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Driving along the Lawrence River many small Island can be seen,some of them “one house Island” what a get away place whenever you want to get away from it all.

1000 Islands NY

We found a close by Campground left the trailer there and explored the area only with the truck which makes things easier.


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