Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lake Champlain VT

The biggest water body in North America after the “Big Lakes” is Lake Champlain that separates Vermont from Up State NY.

Map picture

In the middle of the lake there are serial of Islands and most of them are connected by bridges this is where we decided to Camp during the next 4 days.

Lake Champlain VT Lake Champlain VT Lake Champlain VT Lake Champlain VT

Camping in this C.G allows us to see the beautiful Lake from a close distance,I especially like the early morning and the sunset when the last sun beams play on the water and light the boats that are rocking on the waves,take a chair and just sit looking East and try to remember that this is for real.Lake Champlain VT

The Island are mainly agriculture land ,you can visit a farm or stop next to a “farm stand” and get some fruits & vegetables fresh from the farmer,many leave their stand with prices on the items-just chose and leave the right amount in the bucket,kind of naive way back nice system.

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I have told my friends Rod&Ruth that the only thing that is missing from this picture is them with their RV next to ours.

There are good days and better days….

 IMG_1480 IMG_1481

We took a stroll Burlington, a charming town on the lake,it hosts a building of 11 floors and conceders to be the “skyscraper” of Vermont..

Burlington VT Burlington VT

BTW VERMONT is made from 2 French words VER and MONT ,in English Green Mountain,

We meet two guys in the park playing theirBurlington guitars and relaxed listening to them play and sing,we enjoyed it.

The coffee shops and the bars on the waterfront were inviting so we had some drinks facing the lake having the sun warm us up,when trying to get up Shula got soft knees from the Margaritas and had to lean on me and lay down for a while-it was fun.

Burlington VT Lake Champlain VT


We took a buffet Cruise on the Lake ,the water was calm,sun shining and we are on the deck with some drinks enjoying the scenery of this large “CHAPM” as the locals call it.

During our reservation process the details were lost and therefore we got a FREE ride-nice…

 IMG_1504 IMG_1506 IMG_1508 IMG_1510

             Malletts Bay VT

South of Burlington in Shelburne is the largest outdoors Museum in the state,many historic buildings,first steam ship on the lake,painting collections and many more.

We spent a whole day rooming this place and went many years back…

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On the way back we drove through the marina and coastline of Shelburne and got caught by the beauty of the place.

IMG_1526 IMG_1527

Tomorrow we are crossing to Up State NY after a great month in this beautiful state.

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