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Monday, September 7, 2009

Adirondack area Upstate NY

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After one month in Vermont we felt that it is the time to cross to Upstate NY,we have hiked the peaks,drove the scenic ways and enjoyed green lashing valleys and will remember this period for its good opportunities.

The ferry took us straight from South Heron VT to Upstate NY and in no time we felt that the scenery changed ,the mountain range felt further away and you could see far as your eyes will allow there was nothing in the way.

Ferry from VT to UpState NYC Ferry from VT to UpState NYC Ferry from VT to UpState NYC Ferry from VT to UpState NYC

After getting ourselves comfortable in a campground in Wilmington we took off were to the peak of White Face Mt.,short drive and a hike took us to the top, and wooow what a view,mountain range,Montreal,Lake Placid,Mirror Lake and many more lakes and streams all at one glance,hard to get it all in…

White Face Mt Upstate NY Whit Face Mt Upstate NY Lake Placid Upstate NY Lake Placid Upstate NY

Well after seeing Lake Placid from the peak of the Whiteface Mt. we took a trip to see Placid Lake,Mirror Lake and the area.

The small towns are haven for tourist that come over to have a peaceful holiday,the place is full of restaurants ,pubs,shops,lake activity and many hotels.

Lake Placid Area Lake Placid Area Lake Placid Area Lake Placid Area

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The nature is vast and the beautiful lake is surrounded with high range of mountains,just look up and enjoy the view.

A beautiful gorge is just around around the corner,deep with rushing waters with wooden bridges to walk on and get the right view of the falls.

It seems that it is impossible to find a dry land wherever you look there is a lake a pond or falls..

And the Autumn colors start to show.

Lake Placid Area

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