Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting ready to hit the road again…

As some of you already know we are  RVing  every summer for 5 months since 2002 ,each summer to different States/Provinces,at the end of each trip we store the rig for the winter and pick it up again on the next Spring.

So here we are getting ready for our 11th RV trip starting from Charlotte NC and ending the trip in Ontario Canada.

I have done all the planning (which I enjoy very much) for a trip of 5 months and then our youngest son told us that he is getting married in October (I am happy that it is not doing it in the middle of the summer…LOL) so I had to go back to the board and do some changes to fit a trip of 4 months, here is the result.

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Some might wonder why 4 months on a “short” route like this,well we love to hike especially to waterfalls or look outs,attend shows,meet people and really experience the place rather than just go by as tourists,so we use a central location C.G and do side trips with our truck till we feel that we have so called covered the area before we move again to a new location.

Each year besides the hikes and the normal stuff we try to do something special such as ,white water rafting,work on a cattle ranch (that was really fun,I can still feel my back till now..),canoeing,ATV ride,horse rides,rodeo so this year "special" we plan to attend a reenactment in West Virginia.

So there is a lot to look forward for ,the tough part is the “waiting” time as many of you know.

Happy travels to you all Happy RV people and see you down the road.

BTW if any one has any kind of suggestions,side trips,must see places along my route by all means please go ahead and drop me a line.