Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day hike with the family

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Passover (Pesah) is a huge family celebration when the Agada (the story of the Jews leaving Egypt) is told and passed from one generation to the next one around the dinner table ,all the family participates and each member reads when his turn comes from the Agada, and this can take till midnight or when the small ones fall asleep.

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The holydays from school made it possible for us to get all the 5 grandkids and our son for a day hike/picnic just South of Mt. Carmel, a 3 mile round trip with beautiful views to the Mediterranean Sea surrounded with lashing green vegetation just before it disappears in the heat of the summer.

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it is not every day we are able to get the gang together,the only ones we missed is our youngest son’s   family that sent this picture…our youngest son and youngest grand daughter.

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