Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, October 26, 2015

The grand finally

Our 14th RV trip started “surprise ” exactly form the place we left the rig a year before –Salida CO,and from there we made our way to North Colorado-Utah-Nevada and the East side of the High Sierras ending the trip near L.A.

On the way we hiked,soaked,sailed,danced,made friends , had a lot of fun and took it easy enjoying every minute (see previous posts).

We stored the rig and spend 2 weeks with family and friends in L.A.

100_0484 Palmdale CA-Winter storage

On the way home we spend 2 weeks with our youngest son’s family in Toronto waiting for a birth of their second child and our 7th grandchild (great sex life-every year a grandkid…)

We made it before the “birth date” and had a great time with our kid ,wife and their 1 year and 10 months old(young) daughter.

P1130909P1130910photo 2

It was the time that Ellie got used to us in case we have to stay with her when her parents have to go to the hospital,and it sure was a good idea…at 3AM the unborn did not want to wait and we were with Ellie till after the birth, except few minutes she was just perfect and we had no problem playing and enjoying the time with her.

At noon after the birth we took her to the hospital to meet her brother and parents,she understood that the big belly of her mom will actually become a baby and she took it as the big sister.


It was a great finally the cherry on the top of the cake ,a huge pleasure to end this summer trip like this,the mother and the child were realised from the hospital after a day healthy and happy and so was Grandma

photo 2 

We have a tradition going : every grand daughter at the age of 12 and every grandson at the age of 13 joins us RVing for one month , now we have to be in shape to do it for another 13 years…..we will try our best.

As we “shut down” our RV travels till the next summer we wish you all a great winter wherever you are – in Arizona,Florida,Alabama as snow birds or wintering at your brick house with the stove light up.

We are going home but will do some trips during the winter (not RVing) ,stay tuned.

See ya all down the road.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Winter storage in Palmdale CA

One of the most difficult things in our RV life style is leaving the truck and trailer for the winter at the end of our RV summer trip and not seeing it till the next summer.

We have to leave it close to an International Airport from where we can fly out/in and it is always a great issue.

As I do my planning in the winter for the next RV summer trip I usually try to find a RV campground that also has an outside  storage area ,they are way cheaper than a regular Boat/RV storage places .

Some times one that owns a RV and has place on his property invites us to to store the rig next to his and that was the case this time.

Fred answered my post on the RV forum simply saying “ come and store your rig next to mine” …wow I thought the guy does not know anything about us but still is ready to invite strangers to his home…well not only we were able to store our rig in a safe place but were blessed to meet Fred & Carol , great real people.

Palmdale CA-Winter storage

Fred & Carol -Plamdale CA

Before leaving Palmdale to Los Angeles Airport Fred took us to visit the Air Force Museum ,his joy and pride and although I am a Navy man I enjoyed the visit very much.

Airforce Museum -Lancaster CA Airforce Museum -Lancaster CAAirforce Museum -Lancaster CA Airforce Museum -Lancaster CA

Thank you Fred & Carol it was a pleasure meeting you both and it will be again when we come in the summer to pick the rig, stay safe and have a great winter.

I wish there were more people like them to make world  a much better place.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good time with family & friends in Los Angeles

We are all Older,balder,fatter ,have “senior” moments often and we did not see each other for more years than I want to remember BUT we are old friends from High School and the Navy.

So this was a great opportunity to get together  with my 3 “old palls” that live in Los Angeles, two are from the same High School and know each other ,Sam on the left,Dan on the right and our host

Visiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CA Visiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CAVisiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CA

The TRIO on Dan’s boat in Lake Forest CA.

Visiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CA

Shula that was my girlfriend in High School and knows Sam & Dan since the good old times was of course with us too,we just had a great time correcting the world and wondering how fast did 50 years fly by.

My navy friend Samuel lives in the valley ,has a nice house and a great family , we were lucky to meet them all celebrating “Sukkot” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukkot in their yard.

Sam Benun-Los AngelesSam Benun-Los Angeles       Sam Benun-Los Angeles

While the trailer was stored in Palmdale (it will be there during the winter) we stayed with Ron (Shula’s cousin) & Sara , they were perfect hosts and made us instantly feel at home ,we went our for dinners,movie and a Regatta .

Regatta Marina Del Ray CA

Regatta Marina Del Ray CA

Regatta Marina Del Ray CA  Regatta Marina Del Ray CARegatta Marina Del Ray CA  Regatta Marina Del Ray CARegatta Marina Del Ray CA

So after a great RV summer trip that covered N.Colorado-Utah-Nevada and East Sierras we had fantastic time with family and friends in the City.

Thank you all for your kind hospitality ,will see you all again in the next summer and not after 50 years ….