Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Winter storage in Palmdale CA

One of the most difficult things in our RV life style is leaving the truck and trailer for the winter at the end of our RV summer trip and not seeing it till the next summer.

We have to leave it close to an International Airport from where we can fly out/in and it is always a great issue.

As I do my planning in the winter for the next RV summer trip I usually try to find a RV campground that also has an outside  storage area ,they are way cheaper than a regular Boat/RV storage places .

Some times one that owns a RV and has place on his property invites us to to store the rig next to his and that was the case this time.

Fred answered my post on the RV forum simply saying “ come and store your rig next to mine” …wow I thought the guy does not know anything about us but still is ready to invite strangers to his home…well not only we were able to store our rig in a safe place but were blessed to meet Fred & Carol , great real people.

Palmdale CA-Winter storage

Fred & Carol -Plamdale CA

Before leaving Palmdale to Los Angeles Airport Fred took us to visit the Air Force Museum ,his joy and pride and although I am a Navy man I enjoyed the visit very much.

Airforce Museum -Lancaster CA Airforce Museum -Lancaster CAAirforce Museum -Lancaster CA Airforce Museum -Lancaster CA

Thank you Fred & Carol it was a pleasure meeting you both and it will be again when we come in the summer to pick the rig, stay safe and have a great winter.

I wish there were more people like them to make world  a much better place.


Peter + Beatrix said...

As you enjoy meeting people along the road, you should really go for a membership at "Boondockers Welcome" (link is on our website) You just meet great people all the way and save a lot of campground fees. There are almost 900 members across North America. There might be people who are willing to store your RV as well. Be welcome back to this side of the Atlantic!

Jim and Sandie said...

You know how much I love your posts while you are here and I am so looking forward to next summer's travels. It is so great that there are folks out there who are so wonderful and willing to let you store your rig at their place. Wish the news was full of more stories about good people like that.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Peter+Beatrix- Thank you , I will look intoi it.
Jim and Sandie- Thank you very much for your interest, I sure like to post and see positive posts, I have a few more in my sleeve.