Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, August 29, 2010


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After spending time in the Wilds we finally made it to the BIG city Philadelphia.

First we “parked” the 5W in a campground between Philadelphia and Lancaster and then meet with Carol & Harold .a couple we meet on the way to Alaska in 2002 for one evening and never saw them till now,but stayed in touch through the E-mail.

Carol and Harold picked us up from the C.G to their home and for 4 days went out of their ways to make us feel at home and we deeply thank them for sharing the time with us.

We have visited the city by foot,walked the park,went to see “Joseph” in the theatre and took scenic drives in the area-it was just marvellous-Thank you Harold and Carol.

We also managed to meet Shuki and Susan.Shuki and myself did not see each other since high school meaning we did not meet for 50 YEARS….unbelievable… we had a great time together and promised that our next meeting will not be after 50 years…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bernville PA

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On the way from North PA towards Lancaster (the Amish country of PA) we decided to have a break in Bernville in Mid East PA in between the mountains and close to the Appalachian Trail. 

The are is full of farm land ,Amish , Mennonites and beautiful nature.

We found a C.G that belongs to Passport America in the small town of Bernville and spent the afternoon cleaning and drying the wet trailer from the previous night. The C.G has full hook-ups and cable TV so we could finally see a movie without advertisements and clear as it should.

On the next morning we pack some lunch and take a scenic route towards Cornwall passing through rolling hills,farm land and green meadows as far as the eye can see.

We stopped in a library in one of the small towns on the way ,checked our e-mails and continued slowly towards Cornwall,in one of the turns Shula saw huge mushrooms on a lawn and asked me to stop.

As we approach the  place to take some pictures we noticed that this lawn belongs to an Inn called Cornwall Inn that includes beautiful old buildings and gardens,as we needed to use a rest room we decided to  check out the Inn and as we are approaching the entrance we see a couple working in the front garden .

After greetings we found ourselves invited to a tour of the old Inn and gardens which we dilated to do and found that the place was once a train station,post office and a local jail.

To see what the couple did from the place is remarkable,we saw the “before” and I can show you the “After” down here…

The outstanding  couple show us a round and then took us to an Amish farm they know not far from there place, we found a very nice clean ,well behaved and open people.

We were allowed to take pictures and were surprised to learn that one of the girls even  has a “Face book”…

A day that started with not many expectations ended to be an extra ordinal one…and what the difference where the people we meet.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ricketts Glen S.P Pennsylvania.

We have hiked high lands,we have hiked lowlands,we have hiked frozen waterfalls but have NEVER hiked a 7.5Mile hike seeing 21 ,yes 21 waterfalls…..

If you look at the map above this is a waterfall trail ,each blue dot represents' a waterfall in Ricketts Glen S.P in Pennsylvania,

the weather was just right for the autumn it was just one beauty after another, each fall a totally different from the one before,and because the water was low we could walk the on the rocks around the falls and enjoy it from different angles.

It took us from 9AM till 3PM to complete the loop , we did it slowly and tried to enjoy the falls,the vegetation,the formations which was getting harder as we went from one waterfall to another because you kind of get used to it.

One day you can hike 4 hours to reach one waterfall and here we are hiking 21 waterfalls in 7.5Miles….

Hiking waterfall trail in R.G S.P PA

Our Camp Ground is located 4 miles from the S.P and has a vender that does smoked ribs,chicken with side dishes, so we decided to complete this fantastic day to have a treat,Shula had 1/2 smoked chicken with backed potato and I had 1/2 a rack of Texas baby ribs with beans…wooow that was great and it was served to our site by the vendor when it finally was done.

Her are some selected pictures from this another magnificent day.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grand Canyon Of PA

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The so called Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania is a part of the PA Wild’s but it deserves a chapter of its own and his official name is PINE CREEK GORGE.

He lies between Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks, many scenic vistas offer spectacular views into 800 foot deep,glacially carved canyon.

We parked our trailer on the East Rim of the Canyon just one mile away from the head trail called Turkey Path that takes you down to the bottom of the Canyon and the river bank.

The only problem of this path is that you have to climb it up eventually….

We had a great hike down,luckily the path was dry after some rainy days that made it impossible to hike without slipping from time to time.

As you can imagine the hike down took half of the time on the reverse route but it was worth the effort.

On the way down we passed next to two waterfalls and not very impressing because of the season,I can imagine them in full strength at Autumn.

At the bottom we found a great place for a picnic sitting on a rock with the feet in the cool water and seeing vistas as far as your eye can see-just breathtaking…

On the way up we meet a couple from PA that took a day to see the Canyon and we talked our way up.

We wanted to raft the on the river but unfortunately the water was to low for this kind of activity.

Tomorrow we are of to hike in the West Rim and pictures will follow (I have added some pictures after the visit and hike in the West Rim).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pennsylvania Wilds

On the 4th of Aug Yuval flew back home on a direct flight from Toronto,it was a sad moment for all of us,it was a great month and a new experiance for the 3 of us.
Yuval was neto with us without her parents or brothers and she became part of the RV team immediately.
She wanted to know everything about the trailer and her far family ,it was great having her around and hopefully will have her again.
After she left we crossed the boarder through the Peace Bridge near Buffalo and proceeded to Erie where we stayed for 3 days exploring the lake sites.
Currently we are in PA Wilds (North West Pennsylvania) and are enjoying the wild part of the State.
It if full of natural forest,rivers,small villages,hiking trails and wild life and we are taking advantage of it all.
Here are some selected pictures that tell the story.