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Our Rig

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grand Canyon Of PA

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The so called Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania is a part of the PA Wild’s but it deserves a chapter of its own and his official name is PINE CREEK GORGE.

He lies between Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks, many scenic vistas offer spectacular views into 800 foot deep,glacially carved canyon.

We parked our trailer on the East Rim of the Canyon just one mile away from the head trail called Turkey Path that takes you down to the bottom of the Canyon and the river bank.

The only problem of this path is that you have to climb it up eventually….

We had a great hike down,luckily the path was dry after some rainy days that made it impossible to hike without slipping from time to time.

As you can imagine the hike down took half of the time on the reverse route but it was worth the effort.

On the way down we passed next to two waterfalls and not very impressing because of the season,I can imagine them in full strength at Autumn.

At the bottom we found a great place for a picnic sitting on a rock with the feet in the cool water and seeing vistas as far as your eye can see-just breathtaking…

On the way up we meet a couple from PA that took a day to see the Canyon and we talked our way up.

We wanted to raft the on the river but unfortunately the water was to low for this kind of activity.

Tomorrow we are of to hike in the West Rim and pictures will follow (I have added some pictures after the visit and hike in the West Rim).

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