Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kilarney P.P Ontario

We managed to get the rig ready in 2 days ,one day we got grocery supplies and the second day we took the truck for service.
It was quite amazing to find that the truck and the trailer survived the harsh winter with no problems what so ever.no leaks,no mice,no dead batteries all we had to do is clean up both ,get supplies,service and hit the road.
Our fist trip was from Simcoe lake are to a suburb of Sudbury to visit our friends Susan and Harry whom we meet in Israel few months ago.
Both went out of their ways to give us a good time and we are thankful to them for that.
The rig just fitted in their driveway and we had spend 2 fantastic full days with them and some of their friends.
Today we spend a day in Kilarney P.P ,one of the most beautiful P.P in Ontario if not the best,lakes,hikes,boating ,marina and the famous Fish & Chips did the work.

Tomorrow we are on the move again to meet other friends in White Fish Falls and spend the Canadian Holidays with them.
Till we meet again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Storing Rhino sewer hose & Steps Carpet .

Here are some modifications I have made in the last few days.

I found that the square metal sewer storage actually damages and scratches the sewer hose each time I push in and out so I decided to purchase the best sewer hose made by RHINO http://tweetys.com/rhinoflex-rv-sewer-kit---15-ft.aspx and get a PVC pipe that will  I took the RHINO hose to a hardware store and got a hard PVC pipe that is slightly larger than the hose, at one end I glued a larger extension that will allow the hose to go in easily with the fittings but will not allow the fittings to pass further into the PVC pipe (do not ask me the  A cap that screws on the extension keeps the hose secured and easy to move in in/out.
I use the original sewer storage place to store sewer hose supporters.

Sewer and sewer support..PVC cap.Fitting can not slide further.

Rhino in the PVC pipe ,supporter     Closing cap.                                   Fitting can not go further.   

in the original sewer storage.

Raino sewer.Raino sewer inside the PVC pipe.PVC pipe for the Raino sewer drain with the fittings.

Rhino                                                              Rhino                                                      PVC on top of the rear


Carpet Stairs.

I did not invent the wheel but found an used piece of matching carpet ,cut it to size,put metal rings at the corners and tided it up with plastic bindings.

Had FUN & Saved some $$$

Self made srep carpets.Self made step carpet.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Out of the winter storage

As I have mentioned in my previous post we store the rig at the end of each summer trip and fly home for the winter,we do not see it for 7 months and it is tough.

There are so many things to worry about:will it survive the harsh winter with no leeks,will mice “attack” the trailer,would it be forced in,will the pluming hold and so on and on..SO the good news that NOTHING from the above happened,we found the truck and trailer as we left it ,maybe few inches sunken into the grass but that is all.


The snow “mountain” that covered it (you could not guess that there is a trailer under it) melted and left the trailer almost clean with some minor black marks that will go with my first wash.

We flushed the winterizing fluids,started the fridge,got hot water,started the truck all with NO PROBLEMOS….we are happy campers.

Today we plan to LOAD the fridge and get some other products (my wife has a LISTTTTT),get the truck serviced by tomorrow and we are READY to go..

Starting 2011 RV trip 002Starting 2011 RV trip 003

Coming from a country with water shortage (high fines if you exceed the quota)it is nice again to shower with no bad conscious of “wasting” water .

The gas is 2$ a litter back at home so even though  it is high here (Higher than last summer)it is still cheaper for us.

All in all we are happy to be back and start our 10th RV summer adventure that always brings us to beautiful places,meeting great people and “loading” our memory to survive the winter months .

Happy trails to all.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Some have their rig parked by the house(so convenient-I envy them),some are using the rig as full timers(Can't do it) and some store the rig at the end of each trip for the season and fly home-LIKE WE DO.
As non residents we have to leave the US after 6 months , so our best solution to this situation is to RV in the summers for 4-5 months,store the rig at the end of each trip and pick it up in the following spring to explore new States/Provinces.
We started RV in 2002 and since then we follow our DREAM.
The kids and grand kids adopted quickly to Grandma & Grandpa disappearing for the summers and some already joined us partly on some trips (Not all together....LOL).
This weekend we had the family for a BBQ and a fun day to say our goodbyes.








Finally we are flying out tonight on a direct flight from Tel-Aviv to Toronto,the rig is stored since October 2010 just an hour North of the city , it will take us a few days to service the rig and load the fridge before we hit the road.
Our route plan will be Michigan(Upper & Lower),Indiana,Kentucky and Tennessee.
We have NO reservations,the route is flexible with no time frames except the ending point in late October has to be near Charlotte NC to be able to take a flight back home.
We are excited to start our 10th RV trip - let the wind bring health,good friends ,joy and laughter to you all.