Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Out of the winter storage

As I have mentioned in my previous post we store the rig at the end of each summer trip and fly home for the winter,we do not see it for 7 months and it is tough.

There are so many things to worry about:will it survive the harsh winter with no leeks,will mice “attack” the trailer,would it be forced in,will the pluming hold and so on and on..SO the good news that NOTHING from the above happened,we found the truck and trailer as we left it ,maybe few inches sunken into the grass but that is all.


The snow “mountain” that covered it (you could not guess that there is a trailer under it) melted and left the trailer almost clean with some minor black marks that will go with my first wash.

We flushed the winterizing fluids,started the fridge,got hot water,started the truck all with NO PROBLEMOS….we are happy campers.

Today we plan to LOAD the fridge and get some other products (my wife has a LISTTTTT),get the truck serviced by tomorrow and we are READY to go..

Starting 2011 RV trip 002Starting 2011 RV trip 003

Coming from a country with water shortage (high fines if you exceed the quota)it is nice again to shower with no bad conscious of “wasting” water .

The gas is 2$ a litter back at home so even though  it is high here (Higher than last summer)it is still cheaper for us.

All in all we are happy to be back and start our 10th RV summer adventure that always brings us to beautiful places,meeting great people and “loading” our memory to survive the winter months .

Happy trails to all.


Contessa said...

So glad to hear that the rig & truck survived the wintering. Of course Shula has a list, that's her job and you do want to eat don't you? Looking forward to your first post from on the road!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that everything is going smoothly. When we were away for a month last winter (in Israel, actually), coming back and turning everything back on was a "hold my breath" experience.

Anonymous said...

So happy your trip is starting off smoothly. Nice-looking rig you got there! Nina

Lee & Judy said...

Good to hear that the truck and trailer is making it through the winter just fine. WE parked ours in a lot for just one winter and found we had a family of mice liveing in the under carriage. Afraid I had to evict them little freeloaders. I think ants can be a bigger problem if your not careful. We keep ant traps onboard year round.

Peter Harwerth Beatrix Kohlhaas said...

Congrats to your 10th RV-trip in North America! If you ever come to New Brunswick,we'd be happy to have you here. Happy Trails!!