Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, June 27, 2011

Storing Rhino sewer hose & Steps Carpet .

Here are some modifications I have made in the last few days.

I found that the square metal sewer storage actually damages and scratches the sewer hose each time I push in and out so I decided to purchase the best sewer hose made by RHINO http://tweetys.com/rhinoflex-rv-sewer-kit---15-ft.aspx and get a PVC pipe that will  I took the RHINO hose to a hardware store and got a hard PVC pipe that is slightly larger than the hose, at one end I glued a larger extension that will allow the hose to go in easily with the fittings but will not allow the fittings to pass further into the PVC pipe (do not ask me the  A cap that screws on the extension keeps the hose secured and easy to move in in/out.
I use the original sewer storage place to store sewer hose supporters.

Sewer and sewer support..PVC cap.Fitting can not slide further.

Rhino in the PVC pipe ,supporter     Closing cap.                                   Fitting can not go further.   

in the original sewer storage.

Raino sewer.Raino sewer inside the PVC pipe.PVC pipe for the Raino sewer drain with the fittings.

Rhino                                                              Rhino                                                      PVC on top of the rear


Carpet Stairs.

I did not invent the wheel but found an used piece of matching carpet ,cut it to size,put metal rings at the corners and tided it up with plastic bindings.

Had FUN & Saved some $$$

Self made srep carpets.Self made step carpet.


Contessa said...

Good fixes, especially the sewer system. Anything to make that job easier. We have done the same but put the PVC pipe under the RV, it's a Class A.

Anonymous said...

Nice mod on the stair carpet. It looks really good! Nina

Judy & Lee said...

Liked the way you did your sewer and step pads. Our 5th wheel doesn't have a a rear bumper storage area. The rear fiberglass cap covers the rear bumper. The designated area was a PVC like tube that would swing out to the side of the camper and the sewer hoes inside was only just 6 inches longer then the tube. which ment that I still needed a place to carry a sewer hose. So I put a store baught sewer hose tube under the trailer. I had to removed the swing out tube, could not get it to stop leaking at the bendable elbow.