Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, August 29, 2010


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After spending time in the Wilds we finally made it to the BIG city Philadelphia.

First we “parked” the 5W in a campground between Philadelphia and Lancaster and then meet with Carol & Harold .a couple we meet on the way to Alaska in 2002 for one evening and never saw them till now,but stayed in touch through the E-mail.

Carol and Harold picked us up from the C.G to their home and for 4 days went out of their ways to make us feel at home and we deeply thank them for sharing the time with us.

We have visited the city by foot,walked the park,went to see “Joseph” in the theatre and took scenic drives in the area-it was just marvellous-Thank you Harold and Carol.

We also managed to meet Shuki and Susan.Shuki and myself did not see each other since high school meaning we did not meet for 50 YEARS….unbelievable… we had a great time together and promised that our next meeting will not be after 50 years…

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