Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good time with family & friends in Los Angeles

We are all Older,balder,fatter ,have “senior” moments often and we did not see each other for more years than I want to remember BUT we are old friends from High School and the Navy.

So this was a great opportunity to get together  with my 3 “old palls” that live in Los Angeles, two are from the same High School and know each other ,Sam on the left,Dan on the right and our host

Visiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CA Visiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CAVisiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CA

The TRIO on Dan’s boat in Lake Forest CA.

Visiting Danny Abramovich-Lake Forest CA

Shula that was my girlfriend in High School and knows Sam & Dan since the good old times was of course with us too,we just had a great time correcting the world and wondering how fast did 50 years fly by.

My navy friend Samuel lives in the valley ,has a nice house and a great family , we were lucky to meet them all celebrating “Sukkot” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukkot in their yard.

Sam Benun-Los AngelesSam Benun-Los Angeles       Sam Benun-Los Angeles

While the trailer was stored in Palmdale (it will be there during the winter) we stayed with Ron (Shula’s cousin) & Sara , they were perfect hosts and made us instantly feel at home ,we went our for dinners,movie and a Regatta .

Regatta Marina Del Ray CA

Regatta Marina Del Ray CA

Regatta Marina Del Ray CA  Regatta Marina Del Ray CARegatta Marina Del Ray CA  Regatta Marina Del Ray CARegatta Marina Del Ray CA

So after a great RV summer trip that covered N.Colorado-Utah-Nevada and East Sierras we had fantastic time with family and friends in the City.

Thank you all for your kind hospitality ,will see you all again in the next summer and not after 50 years ….

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paulakitt said...

May God bless you with safe travels home, and wonderful days with your family and friends back in Israel.