Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, September 28, 2009

Demons Lake ,Seneca Lake & Watkins Glen S.P NY

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We have located a campground in a hidden corner of the Finger Lakes area on a small lake called Demons Lake .

The Campground itself is nothing to write home about although it has the necessary things to keep RVer,s happy,such as electricity ,water and sewer connections,but the whole place needs attention and care.

Putting this aside the location of the campground for side trips is great ,the small lake is fabulous,sitting on a bench at twilight time with a margarita in the hand seeing the red reflections in the calm waters from the trees that are getting the reddish colors is feeling that my poor English can not describe-So I am posting some pictures for the ones that want to try to understand what we are experiencing.

Dammon Lake NY Dammon Lake NY Dammon Lake NY Dammon Lake NY

On the following day we took a ride to Watkins Glen State Park and hiked the gorge.

I have a weakness for nature powers in general and especially for waterfalls,it is hard to explain and I do not know if I need to explain this urge to do what it takes to see another waterfall and another one,they always give me the same overwhelming feeling facing them.

No matter how long we have to hike,and how tough it is ,we know that at the end of the track we will be rewarded.

To complete this fantastic day (by the way everyday is fantastic)we visited few wineries that are spread along the beautiful Seneca Lake with its outstanding views.

Senaca Lake NY

Senaca Lake winery NY Hammonsport NY


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