Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, August 31, 2009

Jay Peak area

We have moved the trailer North and made a base for 5 days in a small beautiful village of Westfield.

This Passport America C.G is centrally located for our adventure in this area,it is a small place with only 40 spots (only 15 were camping at that time),all on very green grass with a swimming pool run by a nice and friendly couple.

West field VT C.G

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As we are getting closer to Labour long weekend the owner Mark helped me out with reservations for our next C.G in South Hero,an Island to Burlington on Lake Champlain.

From the C.G there is a path leading to 3 waterfalls just one mile away and we sure will take advantage of this in the next few days.

In the following morning we took of to Newport , 18 miles down the road and the largest town in the area,it is located on Lake Memphremagog (where in the world they have found this name???) and part of it is in Quebec Canada.

The place is just gorgeous,with a marina,C.G and housing facing the lake.

Lake  Memphremagog VT Lake  Memphremagog VT Lake  Memphremagog VT

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Afternoon we spent in Big Falls next to North Troy ,finding them was and adventure as no signs what so ever direct you or even suggest that this outstanding gorge and falls are even in the area.

We followed a local person directions and got nowhere , “go till the unmarked pullout and turn into this unmarked road,park next to the rocks and then take the right path…” well this did not get us to far…but after two more guldens we finally made it.

It was a good surprise,just take a look..

In the second day as the weather was perfect we drove shortly to Jay Peak and took the “long trail” to the peak.

It was tricky to find the head trail as there are no signs on the road or at the beginning of the trail itself,so we asked around and after half an hour in the area we have found a pull out and near to it the trail head.

It took us 2 hours to reach the top of the mountain,it was all up hill and through a forest so no scenery on the way at all,but what a reward at the end –wooow,360 degrees panorama,North –Canada,East- NH and the White Mountains,South-Mansfield Mt VT and West Up State NY.

Jay Peak area VT Jay Peak area VT Jay Peak area VT Jay Peak area VT Jay Peak area VT Jay Peak area VT

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Surprise, we meet on the way only one person so we had the Mountain for ourselves.

Waking up in the following day we found out that the “summer” was over,heavy clouds were hanging high above and it was raining,at the time we have finished with breakfast it changed for the better and we were happy that we have done the outdoor activities days before.

So we took a Lake scenic drive in North East VT,stopping at the small villages and visiting the deserted beautiful lakes.

Lakes of North VT Lakes of North VT Lakes of North VT Lakes of North VT

One stop I remember particularly because of the great Chilli I had in the General Store , the sign said “home made Chilli” and that was enough for me to go for it,and it was delicious.

These General Stores or Country Stores in the small villages are amazing, you can find “old timers” rocking in old chairs and talking about the last catch of fish they had,the smell of nostalgia is in the air while you brows around the tidy shelves of food,nails,boots,T shirts,fishing rods and you name it-and some time you can have a great meal as we did.

On the way back we stopped at a farm that raises red deer for meat and saw some “wild” animals in captivity-sad..

IMG_1396 North VT North VT

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The last stop in Vermont will be the Champlain Lake area ,we will be staying next to the lake around 10 days as there is so much to see and do before we cross to Up State NY.

Map picture

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