Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bethlehem NH

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The morning skies did not remind in any way the rainy day before,it was all BLUE like summer should be, so we took of early towards our new “base” in Bethlehem that is close to Franconia Notch (West of the White Mountains) and this will actually conclude a whole circle around this great range of Mountains.

In the C.G we found a replacement that knew nothing of our reservations and pointed us to spot surrounded by trees ,difficult to get in and difficult to get out,after we explained that we want an open space spot she called a guy that is familiar with the C.G and he helped us to great spot on the grass free of trees.

Betlechem NH

We took a rest ,had some lunch and at 1530 took a ride on a scenic road towards Waterville Valley to hear Jazz music on the lake.

On the way we stopped in Bath NH to see the Oldest Brick General Store in the US and a covered bridge ,it looks like going back in time.

Bath Covered Bridge NH Bath-Oldest US Store US Oldest Store-Bath Bath Covered Bridge NH Bath Covered Bridge NH Bath Covered Bridge NH

Only 305 people live In Waterville Valley all the rest come for vacation,many rental houses and flats,restaurants,all in beautiful surroundings.

IMG_1006 Waterville Valley NH-Jazz

We strolled around enjoying the music,wine and looking at all the relaxed people with no worries around us,what a difficult life…

Waterville Valley NH-Jazz

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