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Our Rig

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Franconia Notch S.P NH

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Franconia Notch lays in the North West of the White Mountains and this completes our visit all around them.

There is a say that the best is left to be the last,in this case it is completely right ,Franconia Notch is a jewel upon this good “cake” called White Mountains.

You can spend a day or a week in the S.P ,take a hike around a lake ,along a gorge,or to the top of Canon Mountain,swim in one of the lakes,visit museums, the options are large and are for everyone.

We started from the South of the park,visited the Fuming George,a narrow path between huge rocks with rushing waterfalls running down,the walk is on wooden platforms built into the rocks,beautiful walk with fresh water spray from the falls.

Then we walked down stream on the rocks viewing several waterfalls,cascades and strong current ,a photographer dream when the light is good.

Fanconia Notch NH Fanconia Notch NH

Fanconia Notch NH Fanconia Notch NH

You can not continue with putting something in your belly,so sitting on a bench facing the huge mountains was just around the curve.

Fanconia Notch NH Fanconia Notch NH

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Now we were ready to “climb” the Canon Mountain and this time with a cable lift usually used for the ski season.

On top of this mountain 5200’ a 360 digress view is visible as far as VT,Canada and ME .

Here I got into my philosophical mood :

”Life is divided into 3 parts”:

A. From birth to the age you start working.

B.From the time you start making money till retirement.

C. Retirement-You better do these first 2 right(raise the kids and get them out of your house,make enough money,make sure your partner wants to do exactly what you want) so you can enjoy doing things you wanted to do but had no time till now…

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