Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Central Vermont

We have moved slowly North using the roads without huge steep grades to make it easier on the tow,then usually “dump” the trailer in a Campground and do side trips with the truck for a few days .

North Clanderon VT North Clanderon VT North Clanderon VT

As you can see we are not exactly in the wilderness (if anyone thought so),the weather was kind with us,it rained from time to time but nothing like what we have experienced in Maine and some times in NH.

Vermont is beautiful,green,and whenever you look up you can see a mountain range around ,many of them are used for ski in the winter and mountain biking or hiking in the summer.

Killington VT Area Killington VT Area Killington VT Area

Waterfalls,Gorges,festivals are all over the place during the summer and we are trying to take advantage of all this as much as we can.

Concert at Castleton VT Gorge Ruthland VT

Killington VT Area Killington VT Area


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Looking around sometimes it seems that people do not appreciate enough these “presents” given to them by nature and it passes  as if it is granted.

We only wish for our family and friends to do what they always wanted but had no time till now to do it.

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