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Our Rig

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stowe VT

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Stowe is a beautiful village at the feet of mountain Mansfield,the highest mountain in Vermont.

In the winter it becomes a haven to down hill skiers and the village a great place for getting all the necessary equipment,lodging and after ski activities.

We waited for the perfect weather to climb the mountain ,no wind,good visibility and no rain.

There are a few possibilities to climb Mt. Mansfield,by gondola,by hiking from the bottom or taking the truck to a parking lot just 2 miles before the peak-and that was how we did it.

The view was stunning at the top,you could see Canada,NH,Upstate NY all at one glance-what a panorama..


Mt Mansfoeld hike-VT Mt Mansfoeld hike-VT

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The area also is blessed with waterfalls and we did hike to 3 of them,some are just a short hike from the parking lot and come as a surprise after a turn and some are along a long gorge and the sound of falling waters can be herd from far away.

 Stowe VT waterfalls 021 Stowe VT waterfalls 027

We have to come in the winter to see it all in white…

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