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Our Rig

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Woodstock VT fair

Woodstock is just a small beautiful colourful town.

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People are happy to live in this town and hope it will never change,I do understand them,it is all season place,beautiful nature ,mountains and trails in the summer and snow,ski and skidoo in the winter-cant beat that.

Woodstock VT Woodstock VT Woodstock VT Woodstock VT

I loved strolling down the road surrounded with flowers,smells and colors all over the place,small home made ice cream shops ,pubs and other outfits offer their stuff with beautiful surroundings.

Woodstock VT Woodstock VT

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The only National Park in Vermont is just over the bridge displaying beautiful gardens and hikes to view points-if this is not haven than what is???

The world is a book,if you are not traveling you are still on page one…

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