Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, August 14, 2009

South Vermont

After a fantastic month in NH we crossed to Vermont taking HWY 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington and then headed North on HWY 7.

This particular HWY was chosen as it seems to be wide,sometimes 3 lanes to let cars pass and has only one steep summit,all the rest of the roads from East to West (or wise versa have steep hills to climb and descend to cross the mountain ridge all along Vermont.)

It is a beautiful country,everywhere you look it pleases your eyes,manicured private gardens,waterfalls,lakes,villages and great mountains.

Once we are on the West side of the mountains we will keep it that way and do side trips along the route with the truck alone,this will sure make things easier.

Map picture

Watching the daily life in the villages it come to your mind “do they really understand the beauty and the outdoor opportunities they have in their back yards?”

Chose between skiing in the winter to sailing,camping,hiking or fishing in the rest of the time-tough decisions….

We visited farms,fairs,went to a concert and all in the relaxing beautiful surroundings.

The fuel is starting to climb again to 2.70 a Gallon but when the truck is empty I fill it up-if anyone has any other suggestions please drop a line.. I will love to hear what you have to say.

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Here are some selected pictures from the area,as one old smart Chinese man said”one picture is like thousand words…”

Going tonight to a pub in Peru VT to hear some Jazz Sax & have some beer, hope it will not effect the hike we are planning for tomorrow.

“Strange” names are given to villages in NH and in VT here are some: Lebanon,Peru,Bethlehem,Lisbon,Milan,Berlin…No one seems to know the reason for giving these names but we sure covered a lot of grounds with the trailer….

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